Lymland – “Söndagstråkigt” – video

February 27, 2013 at 6:24 pm

I wrote about Lymland and their album “Ensamtidsroman” in October last year. They have now also released a video to one of the tracks, “Söndagstråkigt”. It’s the multi-artist Hans Appelqvist who has directed this somewhat eerie video, where he’s also added sounds to amplify the ambience.

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Lymland – “Ensamtidsroman”

October 23, 2012 at 1:54 pm


Last week I told you about Kvartetten Raekan and their philosophy of creating their own country, which you reach by listening to their music. Another band that has embraced this idea and created this is Lymland. The name of the country is of course Lymland, and on the cover of their debut album “Ensamtidsroman”, which was released in the end of September, we can even study a map of this island.

In Lymland it feels harmonic and quiet, but also a little lonely sometimes. The pace is slower than here in our world, when we quietly stroll along to some well-chosen organ or clarinet melodies, or lie down in the grass watching the sky filled with large cotton-like clouds, to the tones of a guitar figure. It’s not a carefree world, though, which we’re reminded of as disharmonic tension intrudes in”Mannen med rök i handen” (“The man with smoke in his hand”) or the only vocal track “Söndagstråkigt” (“Sunday boredom”), or as the beast rages in “Räven och hägern” (“The fox and the heron”). It’s an album you can escape to when life goes a little too fast and we need to think about what we’re doing.

Lymland was created by the duo Sonja Perander (If They Ask Tell Them We’re Dead) and Jerker Kaj (Scraps of Tape). The album was recorded during a few days in December last year, with the help of the singer in the band Solander, Fredrik Karlsson.

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Långsam glöd
Mannen med rök i handen

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