Little Children – “Traveling Through Darkness” EP

June 5, 2015 at 1:04 pm

Little Children

Linus Lutti and his Little Children has released the new EP “Traveling Through Darkness” with  4 tracks. This time he has worked on his own with the production, and it does feel more Linus Lutti, more under the skin and more personal than before. There are less Americana vibes and distortion and more indie pop and jangling guitar figures. The songs are balancing between light and darkness, between hope and sadness as happy, catchy melodies flow into lightly melancholic ambiences. On the title track Titiyo joins him on vocals and brings a wonderful soul vibe to a song that appears like a given  hit to me.

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Little Children – “Song #4”

April 30, 2015 at 10:26 am

Little Children

Here’s a new single from Little Children, “Song #4”, a song that precedes the new EP “Traveling Through Darkness” which will be released on the 2nd of June. It’s a beautifully sad story with a fateful, filmic ambience where we ride across the prairie on our bikes towards the sunset.

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Little Children – “My Only Friend”

November 17, 2014 at 6:21 pm

Little Children

Here’s a new single from today with Linus Lutti and his Little Children. It’s called “My Only Friend”, a song with strong psychadelia vibes in a sound that feels more and more retro. Great song. I take the opportunity also to show you the music video to “Hey hey”, which was realeased last month, a song that grows with each listen.

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Pop from Polar Bear & King, Trädet, Alice Boman, Little Children and Natten

September 16, 2014 at 3:29 pm
Little Children

Little Children

Polar Bear & King – “Holy Ground”

Polar Bear & King is a new duo who have just released their first single, “Holy Ground”. Quite a pleasant acquaintance with falsetto vocals dressed in a powerful folk pop sound which emphasize the song title.

Trädet – “Minds” (feat. Linnea Sundemo)

Trädet is the artist behind this bright, soft electropop creation, “Minds”, together with Linnea Sundemo, who has supplied vocals and lyrics. “A track about pretending, longing, waiting, maybe begging” they write.

Alice Boman – “Be Mine”

Alice Boman is in her very own special dimension, a dimension full of peace and harmony. Luckily for us we can visit her now and then to rest our weary heads. Like now, when she’s releasing this beautiful single “Be Mine”, taken from her debut album released this summer. The video is created by the video artist Anders Weberg.

Little Children – “Hey Hey”

I don’t say no to new songs from Linus Lutti and his Little Children. Here in the latest single “Hey Hey” with a rawer and closer sound compared to the last two songs from earlier this year.

Natten – “Taxi Taxi”

Finally a new song and video from Natten, “Taxi Taxi”, this time with vocals by Wonder Wendy. “The video making process involved building a coffin, digging graves and organizing a night time cultic ritual in an undisclosed location in Stockholm. Quite simply a very enjoyable saturday night”, they tell.

Thursday pop with Cajsa Siik, Little Children, Marigold, AstroMike Gordon and Jonas Schwartz

May 29, 2014 at 11:48 am
Little Children

Little Children

Cajsa Siik – “Relentless Delight”

Cajsa Siik is on her way with her second album which is called “Contra”. The single “Relentless Delight” is the first taste, a single that promises a lot for the album.

Little Children – “Impala” – video

Here’s another song from Little Children, “Impala”, expressed through this brilliant music video signed Ted Malmros. The song is taken from the single “By Your Side” and will also be a part of the album “Walk Within”, to be released in the Autumn.

Marigold – “Last Days of Disco”

Marigold describe their latest song, “Last Days of Disco”, as “a sarchastic but loving punch in the face of the modern house scene, a kind of antithesis to the overcompressed samplings”. And just like the song title suggests, this is a disco, classic disco with a touch of indie pop.

AstroMike Gordon – “Ministry Song”

Cristoffer Csanady and his AstroMike Gordon continue to fascinate me with the new single “Ministry Song”. The debut album is out on the 11th of June!

Jonas Schwartz – “Music For You”

Jonas Schwartz is also on his way with his second album, and have also presented the first single from the album. The song is called “Music For You”, a song that takes him in a quite a different musical direction than the first guitar based album “Six”. Exciting.

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