October 22, 2008 at 12:57 am

AngelicaEven though I’m an old farm boy, she took my country virginity and gave me…a pair of Durango boots!

I wasn’t ready mentally yet but, physically more than ready that day, in april 2007, when she hi-jacked my ears. was the name of the site, “Off You Go” was the name of the song and this is what my review looked like then:

“Angelica R “off you go” 9 READY!
The intro! MASH 4077…wonderful, borrowed/stolen*
Voice and presence!!! Verse 1 + 2 sneak, tickle and move me!
Then, in chor.#2: the darkest piano I’ve heard in a long time…It sets a subtle, fateful & mellow but, in the context, an appropriate tone of the song. Chor: Not a vivid major lift! But then exactly what fits song/lyrics. The voice, as always, close and genuine! Prod: Can’t find any errors! Lyrics: Note made up in any case! Good! I am foremost curious about the continuation of the success story! /Janne”

Listen and download yourself now:

Off You Go

The title alone could have been (mis)understood as a revulsion directed at me, but my rock tinnitus only understood that it was a genre crossing ballad, a classic!
Already then I threw praises and cyber hugs at Angelica, because of her way of, both vocally and lyrically, managing/interpreting the feeling of abandonment that everyone/many try to describe but few succeeds in…
Now, I was stuck in the mud…
Step #2 became:

Walk Me Home

which is a more trad. country, sort of balladish, but with a Swedish southern slow groove. And just when I had learned my lesson on repeat, Angelica released her first song in Swedish “Ensam kvar” (“Left Alone”) which you hear at Angelica’s Myspace page

Angelica’s site
Angelica on Myspace

Gusten & the Demens

October 4, 2008 at 1:52 pm

Gusten & the DemensIt’s fascinating how someone who’s born 10 to 15 years later, can catch the spirit of passed times and recreate it in his own music. Well, it’s exactly what the 18th year old Gusten does in the band Gusten & the Demens, even though he’s backed by a gang of older, excellent musicians. Among the demented you’ll find names like Peter Simonsbacka (lead guitar), Jan Lidström (bass) and Mita (backing vocals).

Gusten, the songwriter and band leader, is exploring the domains of the softer rock of the seventies, where a few parts of Jackson Browne is mixed with some part of Eagles, some showtime Rolling Stones a little bit of Springsteen and something from Jimi Hendrix. He is heading this with a voice that sounds surprisingly mature and that sits perfectly with the music.

The Someones

Visit Gusten on Myspace

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