Meadowmusic celebrates 100!

October 25, 2008 at 1:00 pm

MeadowMusicThis is the hundredth post on this blog. It means that we so far have presented ninetynine artists, songwriters and producers. We thought of celebrating this by having a mini cavalcade with songs from some of the artists we have reviewed. Many of these songs are exclusive for download only here on Meadowmusic, and I hope that they are shared with people all over the world if you as a visitor like the songs.

We, here on Meadowmusic, are overwhelmed by all the support we have received since we started in the beginning of July. We started this because it felt like we were carrying around a secret that we just had to share with the world. And the secret was that there’s so much fantastic Swedish music, that seldom is played on the radio or other mainstream channels. And that this music is just as good, well, in fact much better than what is heard there. Well, it’s not a secret anymore, is it?

First we would like to thank you as a visitor, because you come here and listen to the music. Every visit, every time you listen, every recommendation to a friend, every mention of what you hear contributes to the promotion of the artists and their music, and to the support of this blog.
Thank you for all mail and tips and also for the communication with the artists.

We also would like to thank all the artists that support us. And I don’t mean only the artists that we have presented here, but also all of you that have contacted us, telling us that what we do is important and great. Thank you!

Below you’ll find some extra songs with artists from earlier posts. (Click on the artist’s name to go to the post about the artist.)

Pär Edwardson in a fantastic song about a girl with huge hair
The Girl With the Huge Hair

Aurgunn, the poet, on bliss

Lasse Söhr has produced Isak Strand in this song
The Lie

Maini Sorri sings about Goose-Liisa

Angelica wishes that you let her enter
Let Me In

Chris Michols wants to go home
I Wanna Go Home

Listen to Jamin Pirnia in a collaboration with Nihad Tule
Are You Happy Now?

Andreas Lundgren is so cool

Some Kind of Rubus sings about Goula, “no one could fool’er”

Rock with Bodies

And 100 % energy with The Rumble
The Long Run

Martin Bentancourt, whom, together with David Silva, gave the FRA debate some groove this summer, with his hit “Första generationens svenne”
Första generationens svenne

Last but not least the cool Zed Is Dead
Soul Pollution


October 22, 2008 at 1:27 pm


foto: My Magnusson

On Valborg 2008 (Walpurgis night, swedish festivity), I went to Brännestad in Skåne, together with my collective “Kärlek-Framför-Allt” (“Love-Before-Everything”). When we arrived we came to a barn were we met a lot of nice people and the collective that lives there and that was behind the party.

A murderous bus as the place to sleep, a robust underground gramophone that picked up sounds from the earth, a bubble machine, a tipi tent and of course chopped wood that later that night would burn in the bonfire, with a fire show and Timothy the clown. Up in the barn there was a big stage where bands like Pulejam would get people going and set the atmosphere. Another dancefloor beneath the stage, with crunchy electronica and an open stage for the perceptional jammer.

Right there on the open stage I met Miranda for the first time. Both of us just as affected by alcohol and ready to improvise together. The girl that threw up in the sauna when everyone else was asleep, was obviously a star.

Time passed and spring turned into summer. I could see her name booked on Malmöfestivalen, Vinylbaren, as a supporting act for Detektivbyrån on Smålands Nation. I managed to miss her on Malmöfestivalen as her concert boat left before the scheduled time, so I had to wait until the gig at Vinylbaren…

With purple walls and a red ceiling, the golden frame surrounds beautifully the canvas filled with artists like Tom Waits, The Stone Roses, Nick Cave and in a few years also Miranda. The place is quite small, more ungracefully narrow. I place myself next to some people that’s drinking the first beer of the evening. It’s only a quarter to eight, so I order a Staropramen, call Pär Berglund and tell him the good news that Nöjesguiden has published an article about our blog Real soon I am about to listen to the voice that has haunted my head and the song “Polly Pocket”, that runs in repeat ever since.

She arrives on stage together with her beautiful mother on cello, and a bunch of skilled musicians playing accordion, guitars, bass and glockenspiel. She has her arm in plaster and brings Boris, her alter ego mannequin, up on stage. The first tones and Vinylbaren calms down to witness Miranda’s voice and performance.

Amsterdam (live) (Jaques Brel)

Well, she’s not quite anonymous as Tore Johansson has his ears on her and is interested in a collaboration. Miranda has the most beautiful voice of Malmö and can become a Swedish Édit Piaf if she wants to and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you her age…

Polly Pocket
Duet With the Clown
While I Run

Miranda on Myspace


October 7, 2008 at 10:00 am


photo – Rickard Almér

Illustrator- Jamin Pirnia

Already as a five year old she started to play, today educated on her violin and ready to release her debut-album. Sunesdotter is a like a force brought from the woods in the south, draped with “Näcken” as inspiration. Together with the producer Christopher Dominique whom have arranged and written many of the songs, they have now created a sound which lets the view become a
classic coniferous forest with treetops of solemn harmonies and a boost of dancing discoshoes.
What will happen next?
“This autumn I will take part of the club-world and come out and play. The concept is built on the disco-songs on the record. Jens and Jepson from The Ark will be DJ’s of a thing called “spacedisco” in a
Walter Murphy-style, and I will making a show with my songs sometime during the evening.
There will be cool dresses, a smoke-machine and a lot of disco going on…”

Earlier this spring she guested “Ride my wild heart”-boy Motoboy with her harmonies and soon
she’s gonna play in the clubs and watch people dance like obsessed to the sound of her violin.
It has been the dream of Sunesdotter since she was a kid, so the future looks bright with the newly produced album which is like a ticket to experience, places or just a way to meet new people.
I’m looking forward to her release the 4th of September at PlockePinn then with the cd in my hand, getting started with the song “Möllan Swing”, letting the hips trip on home across Möllevångstorget, whistling along dressed in a black tricot with Sunesdotter’s great music in my ears.

Listen and read more on her offical official home page
and visit Sunesdotter on Myspace




September 22, 2008 at 8:00 am


Around 1995 Carl Nordström started to play with music software and synths. After experimenting for a while through techno, house, drum n bass, hip hop, he finally found his own sound expression and the road that awaited for him.
Affictionados, like sub-tunnel beats, swept in city noise and that could have been created from the concrete from the big city.

The songs have a common melancholy that may be compared to The Cure dressed as Elvis Costello. A dark, heavy experimenting electronica vs hip hop brings me to the depth of what is expected from a beat maker. Carl has worked through the album “Affictionados” with the production and the arrangements. But the real spin is guest plays from musicians and artists from all over the world, like Kissey Asplund, Séamus, Crippual, Tessa Saxell and Torin Williams.
Download the entire album >>Here! (for free!)

I’m really turned on with the opening song, “Baby”, with a delayed drum loop that stands out in the the hip hop sampler arena. The songs shift, change and swap strategies; never far away from the main theme, but all the time innovative and lead to
The door of the lounge bar with the song “Always and Always”, considering a more monotone way of walking, to be in the background, sitting in the sofa and the closing time for the bar. But something happens as Kissey Asplund starts to sing about 2:43 in the song. A fresh warm tone that colours the arrangement mustard yellow. She is good! Really good!

What are you working with now?
“Today Affictionados stands for itself like a project where I have worked with a number of different styles, that I can’t name anything else than “beats”. I sample all kind of music I find and that I feel have that extra special, and I put it together into something that I would like to call my own.
Right now, I’m working with a record that’s hopefully finished by the end of the year. Besides that I’m turning records at CAFÈ RASOIR in Malmö with a DJ-crew called OH NO, NO DECKS.”

In my opinion Carl is a fantastic producer that’s ahead of his time. I’m looking forward to what’s being melded together for the years to come.


Always and always ft Kissey Asplund

Affictionados on Myspace

Affictionados’ home page

Jamin Pirnia

September 1, 2008 at 8:00 am

Jamin PirniaIt just happened that way that I’ve seen Jamin Pirnia perform live four times during the last 8 months. Predictable? Boring? Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

Jamin is an artist that is in constant movement. Actually I think he is uncapable of repeating himself. I have spoken to him a couple of times before concerts, and listening to him describing the concert, feels like listening to an artist preparing his next painting. For Jamin each scene is like a unique canvas ready to be filled with new colours, feelings, people and music.

The show changes and develops right in front of my eyes. On one concert he is alone with his piano, the next time he has also a sampler and a friend playing a minimoog. Then there is a band with three members and suddenly there are ten people on stage with a theatrical act going on in front of the stage. Theater, masks, megaphones but also stillness. He fascinates, provokes and invites you to surprises. Some of the songs may be the same from one concert to another and also in his different incarnations as Transparent Blanche, Jamin Pirnia or Jamin’ with Jamin, but the experience is always new.

Maybe the strongest about Jamin on stage is his presence, his ability to deliver no matter what. It doesn’t matter if there are only ten people in the audience, spread out along the walls of a big concert hall, or if there are hundreds of people on a crowded market square. When he looks up after finishing a song, you can sense in his smile that sweet happiness and satisfaction of having been given the opportunity to play right here and now for you.

Enjoy his music by listening to some tracks from his project Transparent Blanche:

Lipstick Killer
Song of Despair
Ak/not 47

Jamin Pirnia, solo:


Jamin Pirnia and Transparent Blanche’s web site

Transparent Blanche on Myspace


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