Ludvigson & Mechanist – “Intra-Extra”

October 17, 2014 at 3:44 pm

Håkan Ludvigson is one of a trio who are running the label Substream, a label that has released more than 3000 songs with artists from around the world since the start in 2004. Håkan is also an artist himself and in Spring he released his second album, “Intra-Extra”, in collaboration with Mechanist from England.

Together they create a fascinating soundscape across 8 tracks, in the bottom rather warm and soothing but also with feelings of mystique, desolation and unknown worlds. Here’s a unique mix of many elements from the world electronica such as ambient, deep house, downbeat, techno and drum & bass. Here are three of the tracks:

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The Spiny Normans, Lejonsläktet, The Tarantula Waltz, Iris & Hedvig, Rökmorsa och Manor Rungs

April 22, 2014 at 4:43 pm
The Spiny Normans

The Spiny Normans

I receive more great music than ever, so I’ll kickstart this week with six releases:

The Spiny Normans – “Waiting For the Storm” – EP

The Spiny Normans are based in Stockholm but have some of their roots in Åland. They released the debut EP in the Autumn, which will be available on Spotify and other services in a couple of weeks. I’d say it’s about folk inspired pop with a certain sense of drama. Here are two songs:

Lejonsläktet – “In och ut” – EP

The duo Lejonsläktet, whom I talked about last month, have released their debut EP now, full of great psychadelia with a vibe of Jämtland. Here’s the starting track “Ett svagt hopp om” from the EP:

The Tarantula Waltz – “Scandinavian Minds”

The Tarantula Waltz has released this Americana-sounding single from the new album “Tinder Stick Neck”, his third album which is being released this week.

Iris & Hedvig – “The Watcher & The Mind”

Here’s a new interesting young pop duo, Iris & Hedvig, with the debut single “The Watcher & The Mind”.  The song was produced by Christina Wehage, whom we’ve met before in her own project Be The Bear.


Rökmorsa is one of the projects the trio Pontus Björlin, Anders Åkesson and August Sörensons have been working on. They have collected 12 songs they recorded already in 2008 on the album “Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight”. It’s instrumental, experimental and a blend of influences from now and then. Here are two tracks:

Manor Rungs

The producer deadbeat has written songs and produced music for other artists before, for example electronica artist Compute and The Girl & The Robot. Now he’s grabbed the microphone himself and released seven songs under the name Manor Rungs. It’s a quite special blend of electronica and rock in Swedish, with some instrumental breaks. Listen for yourself:

New singles from Tired Tape Machine, Pizzaboys, Felix Wickman and Solen

April 16, 2014 at 2:33 pm
Felix Wickman

Felix Wickman

Tired Tape Machine – “Sisyphus”

Petter Lindhagen and his Tired Tape Machine is underway with his third album, “Not Here”. “Sisyphus” is the first taste of the record, a song you can listen to below in two versions.

Pizzaboys – “day”

Frederick from the electronica duo Sameblod is working on a solo project also , a project he calls Pizzaboys. “day” is his first creation, an instrumental tune; indie pop with vibes of new wave from the eighties.

Felix Wickman – “I Recommend Swimming”

Felix Wickman will release his third album, “I recommend swimming”, on the 15th of May. The single “Grown Ups/Ballerina” is a fine presentation to this album’s special sound; Felix’ fragile voice in a live atmosphere with a shimmering patina swept over the entire production. A great song and an album that’s just as great.

Solen – “Förlorare”

Solen, hailing from Gävle, released the single “Förlorare” (“Losers”) a week ago. It’s pop with a wonderful raw sound and my thoughts go also to Hurula, an artist they will be the opening act to in Stockholm April 25th and in Göteborg May 9th.

Pop, soul and night escapades with Slow Show, Natten, The Mondanes, Colleagues and Ronnie

March 31, 2014 at 4:20 pm
The Mondanes

The Mondanes

Slow Show – “Nowhere”

A couple of days ago the indiepop duo Slow Show released the energetic and uplifting song “Nowhere”. The song is a remake of an earlier version from 2010, and was recorded together with eight other new songs in August last year.

Natten – “Omen” – EP

I wrote about the quartet Natten in the Autumn. Now they are back with new instrumental night escapades on the new EP “Omen”. With their mix of jazz, electronica and other influences they have carved out their own unique style, their own ambience, which I recognize when I listen. Imaginative and sometimes with a filmic vibe. Listen to the EP here:

The Mondanes – “Silver Spoon (live session)”

The Mondanes is a new quitet hailing from Göteborg. Here they are with the song “Silver Spoon” in a nice Byrds-vibing live session.

Colleagues – “Tears”

The band Colleagues doesn’t exactly pour out songs on the market, even though they have received quite some attention from the two songs they have released so far. “Parent’s House” came out in the Autumn 2012 which was followed by the music video “Visits” a year ago, and now the song “Tears” with an exuberant electro-indiepop.

Ronnie – “Angels”

You may have heard Ronnie Hagstedt before in the house duo The Lab Wizard or as the singer in the hard rock band Optimystical. On the new solo single “Angels” he also shows us that he’s got some soul vibes in his great voice, in a song that feels like classic souldisco in a modern costume.

Indie, classical and punk from Old Amica, Other People, Up The Hill, On The Cinnamon and Hurula

March 14, 2014 at 1:19 pm
On The Cinnamon

On The Cinnamon

Old Amica – “Old Oaken Pond”

The duo Old Amica have been our guests several times before here on Meadowmusic. Now they are preparing to launch a new album, “Fabula”, on the 26th of March. “Old Oaken Pond” is the first glimpse of the album and beside their own special indie-sound there is a nostalgic vibe in this song, as the song title implies. A bit like if  Hotennany Singers made a comeback and started playing folk indie.

Other People – “Somewhere Far Away” – album

Other People is an alias for the composer Jakob Lindhagen and his solo project. His new album is called “Somewhere Far Away”, an instrumental album focusing on Jakob’s minimalistic piano playing. Every tone seems carefully devised in these melancholic melodies, which sometimes are accompanied by a gentle cello or an ambient pad. The ambience and the melodies make me think of Björn J:son Lindhs “Bilder från en ö” and of music from some of the Swedish TV-drama series.

Up The Hill

Up The Hill is a four man strong band, who so far have released an EP with six tracks.  I can’t come up with a band to compare them with as they sound so special. Both in the way they mix their influences and in the way they build the songs. The soulful vocals is a strong characteristic of the songs, but in the end I feel that the songs still have a strong focus on the instrumental parts, where I hear progressive seventies’ vibes, Dire Straits-guitars, blues and folk indie. Quite dynamic songs which build up a strong groove sometimes. Here are two of them:

On the Cinnamon – “Indecency”

When the songwriter Jonas Lindsköld told me about the band On the Cinnamon’s debut single “Indecency”, he also wrote that they sound like their band name. I scratched my head and started wondering if he was referring to “Cinnamon Girl”, because there are certain Neil Young-vibes in the song: the simple sound, the guitars and the touch of Americana. But no, I found the explanation further down in the mail; the bandname was a direct translation of the Swedish expression “(att vara) på kanelen” (an old Swedish expression saying that someone is a bit drunk). I’m not quite sure how I should interpret this either as the song is a charming, warm and close pop song with a certain sheen of unpolished indie. And it fits quite well with the sunny, early-Spring weather we have here now.

Hurula – “22”

Hurula is releasing another single from his upcoming album ”Vi är människorna våra föräldrar varnade oss för”. It’s called “22”, a punkish pop-melodic track with a great rough sound. I really like the chorus, and it’s the best song I’ve heard from Hurula so far.

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