Hundmänniska – “Ha d bra (dra åt helvete)”

February 14, 2017 at 1:41 pm


Lovisa Thurfjell knows how to tell someone to fuck off. The latest single “Ha d bra (dra åt helvete)” is that kind of song you would like to play when you’re so frustrated that smoke is coming out of your ears. But you keep it inside of you, mumble a “Have a nice day” and walk away. In this song Lovisa’s punk roots shine through in her new project Hundmänniska, and the band takes the opportunity to pour out everyhing they’ve got until they explode in a cacaphony, catches their breath and squeezes out the last anger in a finishing eruption.

Her album is scheduled for release on the 1st of March and this was the third single. I wrote about the first one, “Res dig upp”, in the Autumn, and later she also released “Inte längre” a more pop-sounding tune, which I have also added here below.

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Hundmänniska – “Res dig upp”

October 17, 2016 at 5:13 pm


Hundmänniska is Lovisa Thurfjell’s new solo project. She comes from punk outfit Tiger Bell where she played the guitar and handled the lead vocals. She says that she thinks these new songs contain more pop compared to what she’s done before, but to me it’s still very much about rock when I listen to the first single “Res dig upp”. And it’s an unmasked, naked rock that feels in the gut as she squeezes out the last drops of sweat in the driving, energetic chorus. It’s music that gives me an energy kick, that kicks me in the butt and leaves a smile on my face at the same time. The song is the first one from her upcoming EP, and with this marvellous start I hope she don’t wait too long with more tracks.

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