Gustav Nilsson – “Makeup On, Letdowns Off”

October 11, 2011 at 1:25 am

Gustav Nilsson

Some weeks ago I presented Gustav Nilsson and his single “Down, Down, Down”. Now the EP, where the song belongs, is ready, “Makeup On, Letdowns Off”.

Accompanied by another 5 songs, my impression of the sixties I got from “Down, Down, Down” is turned into a sensation of happy seventies’ rock, full of of sing-a-long melodies and nice guitar figures. And with Gustav’s sand paperish voice the sound gets just the right harshness to make it feel alive and genuine.

Gustav himself had a somewhat different description:

…on this album I pictured it to sound like if Julian Casablancas (anno 2002) and Courtney Love (anno 1998) really meet in a bath room and are threatened to be shot by Phil Spector if they don’t quickly write some songs together.

Read and listen more on Gustav’s site. The EP is also available on Spotify and on Wimp.

Paul Stanley

Gustav Nilsson – “Down Down Down”

September 13, 2011 at 3:32 pm

Gustav Nilsson“Down Down Down” is the name of Gustav Nilsson’s first single from upcoming album “Makeup On Letdowns Off”, scheduled for release this month.

You can listen to and download this sixties’-vibing song here below. You can find Gustav Nilsson on his site and more songs are available on Soundcloud.

Down Down Down

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