Zed is Dead

August 24, 2008 at 11:00 am

Inspired by Tarantino, in my last post, I threw myself over a band from Växjö, Zed is Dead. In their new tracks they continue with the type of “draggy” rock that define their music. Yes, I really mean “draggy”, but in a positive sense. The singer Edin Z sings in a cloudy, sensitive voice that fits superbly with the avant garde rock of Zed is Dead.

The new songs are really good, but to me, the real gems lie in the songs “Shadow of My Pain” and “Here By Your Side”. If you think it sounds like Edin Z is lisping on “Shadow of My Pain”, I can tell you that he does indeed. Sources have told me that he missed a front tooth during the recordings.

Here you have two songs from 2007 and one from the new recordings.
Shadow of My Pain
Here By Your Side

To listen and download more tracks:
Zed is Dead on Myspace

Keep cool,

(translated by Pär/Blindmen)

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