New music from Eternal Death, KLoN!, Sveket, Dennis Camitz, Tired Tape Machine and G2

October 1, 2014 at 2:52 pm
Dennis Camitz

Dennis Camitz

Eternal Death – “Fade”

Here’s a new single from the duo Eternal Death, Elin Berlin and Johan Angergård. It’s called “Fade” and is a melodically beautiful electropop song with some vibes from the eighties.

KLoN! – “Den dagen den sorgen”

The producer duo KLoN!, which I wrote about in Spring, have released the song “Den dagen den sorgen”. This time Johanna Grane, hailing from Malmö, has added the vocals.

Sveket – “Den allvarsamma leken”

Yesterday Sveket released the second single from their upcoming album. “Den allvarsamma leken” is a song that follows in the same tracks the song “Hollywoodslut” laid out in Spring with a mix of electro and retroschlager.

Tired Tape Machine – “Your Ghost”

Also Petter Lindhagen and his project Tired Tape Machine has released a second single, “Your Ghost”, aiming for the new album “Not Here”:

Dennis Camitz – “Paid My Dues”

And here’s Dennis Camitz with his new single, the hymnlike “Paid My Dues” where he’s backed by a mighty gospel choir.

G2 – “We Were Kings” – video

And finally the bluegrass band G2 who traveled to the US, toured there and also recorded a new album in Nashville with the help of the producer Erick Jaskowiak. Here’s the first taste of the album, “We Were Kings”:

Dennis Camitz wants you to vote

September 9, 2014 at 1:22 pm

Later this Autumn Dennis Camitz will release the single “Blame”, but since we have elections in Sweden on Sunday he hurried to make an acoustic version and present it as a music video. He takes the opportunity to call on people to vote with the heart, for humanity and equality.

Because that’s how it is nowadays in Sweden. The most important issue we have to consider is if we want to defend our basic human rights and equal values for all, regardless of gender, origin, religion or sexuality, or if we want a society where we disregard this. A rather simple choice and an important one too I believe, even if you’re normally uninterested in politics. Every person that doesn’t vote will unfortunately leave more room for these dark ideas to influence our country. So, vote!

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