David Josephson – “Fakk dom”

September 13, 2016 at 6:33 pm

David Josephson

David Josephson is back with the new single “Fakk dom”. He has visited us before here on the blog a few times around the release of his last album “Drömmaskinen” 2014, a record I recommend if you haven’t heard it. He writes that “Fakk dom” is a song about being denied the human right to be a rock star. And the song certainly has potential to be the obvious hymn to when you expose plans others consider being too high-flown. And who am I to stand in David’s way, so here’s “Fakk dom”:

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David Josephson – “När tiden har blivit vårt hem”

October 28, 2014 at 6:12 pm

David Josephson

David Josephson started this Autumn with a single release of a song from his latest album “Drömmaskinen”. And I think that’s a good move since it’s a great, personal and varied pop album, that certainly deserves some more attention. The song is “När tiden har blivit vårt hem” which here comes in a new version with new mix.

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Pop in Swedish with ismael, David Josephson, Eddie Wheeler and Josefin Glenmark

April 29, 2014 at 4:17 pm


ismael – “Atlas”

The trio ismael released the album “Atlas” in the Autumn, an album which I didn’t have the time to write about then. Fortunately they are now releasing the title track as a single, so that they get some deserved attention here. And I like it; the band has developed their sound quite a bit since I first heard them. They have found their own poetic and melancholic space, somewhere in the vicinity of Thåström, and it feels both nostalgic and fresh. An extra plus also for the hard working bass on this track.

David Josephson – “Moln på vift”

Today David Josephson release another single from his upcoming album “Drömmaskinen”, this time with sailor choirs and vibes of Pengabrorsan and Eldkvarn.

Eddie Wheeler – “Kom in i mig”

I’ve written before about the musical elemental force from Göteborg, Eddie Wheeler, but it’s acually with this new song that he makes his solo debut, at least officially. “Kom in i mig” is the name of the song, and it sounds different from what I’ve heard from him earlier with it’s pumping, catchy electropop, and he shows that he can master this genre too.

Josefin Glenmark – “Du din jävel” – video

Here’s a new single with Josefin Glenmark, “Du din jävel”, her first single in Swedish from what I understand. Bittersweet pop with a jazzy touch with a nostalgic trace which makes the song stand out. This is the first song we hear from her next album, scheduled for release next year.

Pop and daydreaming – new music from David Josephson, We Are Legends and Eluna

February 3, 2014 at 4:34 pm
We Are Legends

We Are Legends

David Josephson – “Drömmaskinen”

David Josephson is a Swedish  singer/songwriter, currently living in Berlin, who with the single “Drömmaskinen” (“The Dream Machine”) takes his first step towards his second full length album. The song, released tomorrow, is a catchy energetic tune whiches breathes of indie pop as well as of classic Swedish pop melodies.

We Are Legends – “Begging For Amnesia”

And now to another catchy track, but more into the electro pop area. It’s the producer duo We Are Legends, based in Göteborg, who have released the single “Begging For Amnesia” with Caroline Ailin behind the microphone. Dance- and radio-friendly, sure, but also with a tasty, seductive arrangement with a great drive. The single comes in ten versions: different mixes, extended version and remixes.

Eluna – “Trädgårdsmästarinnans Tillförlitliga Tillflykt” – EP

Eluna, or Sebastian Josef Karika, is releasing his second EP later this week: “Trädgårdsmästarinnans Tillförlitliga Tillflykt”. It feels like safe refuge for me also as I listen to these four, both ambient and melodically beautiful, creations. It’s easy to get into the garden metaphor when I listen, either by looking through the  window, daydreaming or by getting out, finding a quiet corner in the garden and just admiring som flowers or fruits. It feels bright, calm but still eventful, with the electronic and the organic in symbiosis. Here’s sneak peek at the title track.

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