Cosima – “Head In the Clouds” EP

June 25, 2015 at 3:14 pm


Last year I was fascinated by her voice when I wrote about¬†Lilla Milo and presented soul songs that have etched themselves into my mind. Now Cosima Lamberth focuses on her soul career and has released her debut EP “Head In the Clouds” with four songs during June.

I think it’s an exquisite record with tracks that each one has it’s own character and where Cosima gets to show her vocal range as a soul singer. She can be impulsive as in “Still I Know” where she pulls out the last breath of each phrase and delivers them with an inescapable¬†urgency¬†, or she can expose a naked voice without anything that dims the path to your inner emotions as in the longing, neo soul vibing “Come Back”.

The arrangements are also wonderful, filled with jazz drenched harmonies which vary between the dreamy to the slight melancholic. It feels warm, organic and radiates retro vibes as well as a breath of contemporary, creative soul. Listen here to two of the songs from the EP:

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