New pop singles from Nova Becc, Luna Green, LCTRISC, Flod and CMBSTN

June 25, 2014 at 3:22 pm


Nova Becc – “Faller ner”

Rebecca Petersson has been working a number of years as a singer and as a songwriter, but it’s not until now as she makes her debut as as soloartist. Nova Becc is her artist name on the new single “Faller ner” (“Falling Down”), a catchy pop track where her vocals impress me; she knows exactly what she’s doing and her voice reminds me of a young Marie Fredriksson.

Luna Green – “Black Magic”

Luna Green is releasing a new single from the latest album “Swedish Strawberries”. The 70’s-pop-inspired song “Black Magic” is written together with Niklas Frisk, who’s also participating on the recording.

LCTRISC – “The Fire In the Distant Future”

Here’s a colourful music video from LCTRISC, “The Fire In the Distant Future”. In the video the duo have been collaborating with the body artist Vilija Vitkuté who has interpreted the lyrics with his art. A beautiful combination of art, music, dance and film.
The song is taken from LCTRISC’s debut album “The Fire In the Distant Future”, a great album, which I haven’t had the time to write about yet, though.

Flod – “Sjung min sång”

Here’s the debut singel and a music video from the band Flod. It’s called “Sjung min sång”, starts with a hard rock riff and glides over to something that feels like 70’s-inspired grand pop. The singer is Christian Dohber, whom you may have heard before in the band Moses.

CMBSTN – “C’mon Get Up (Happiness)”/”One of Us”

Here are two new singles from CMBSTN, “C’mon Get Up (Happiness)” and “One of Us”, and also the second part of their music video diptych, which started with “My Friend“. It’s an ambitious band who want to achieve a lot with their grand-sounding pop, and if they continue like this, they will.

Electropop Friday with Lctrisc, Veronica Keding, Leppen, Cmbstn and Boeoes Kaelstigen

May 9, 2014 at 3:48 pm


Lctrisc – “The Closer That We Get”

Lctrisc let us peek a bit more at their debut album with the new single “The Closer That We Get”. This time they have added soul and disco flavours to their playful, catchy electro pop.

Veronica Keding – “Det är slut nu”

Veronica Keding, whom I wrote about in the Autumn, has continued to release new songs since then, and earlier this year she launched this single “Det är slut nu” (“It’s over now”). This time it’s darker, no surprise considering the subject, and with a tasty balance between house synths and hammering bass lines. Love the crescendo in the end which makes me think of Swedish synth pop from the eigthies when Lustans Lakejer had their big days.

Leppen – “Iställetförattprata” – EP

A couple of weeks ago Leppen released the EP I mentioned a couple of times as I wrote about the earlier singles. The overall theme on the EP is an unexpected crush he went through in Summer 2012 and which turned his life upside down. The third song “Inte en sekund till” is just as strong as the earlier singles:

Cmbstn – “My Friend” – video

Combstn:s song “My Friend“, is out now as a music video also, and it certainly deserve attention. They write that the video will be followed by a second part, which will be released soon when the next single “One of Us” is launched.

Boeoes Kaelstigen – “Be the Lights”

The duo Boeoes Kelstigen are back with a new single, the dreamy and beautiful “Be the Lights”. The song was co-written together with Hanna Brandún, more known as Name the Pet. As a b-side they have added their excellent, retrosynth-sounding cover of Icona Pop’s song “Just Another Night”.

Electro pop, from indie to soul from iida, Cmbstn, Temu and Parken

February 11, 2014 at 5:43 pm


iida – “Hands”

iida, who made such a brilliant debut last year with the single “Life Will Kill You”, is back with a new song. It’s called “Hands”, and a great song it is too. Listen here:

Cmbstn – “My Friend”

Tha band Cmbstn (or Combustion), hailing from Stockholm released the single “My Friend” yesterday, a grand, synth driven pop track. Not bad at all.

Temu – “Jooze! (Pt. 1)”

Temu, singer, dancer, producer and songwriter, grew up in the US but moved to Denmark at the age of 19, and ended up in Sweden where he’s living now. On the new song “Jooze! (Pt. 1)” he brings us back to the eighties in the company of Prince, Rick James, Gap Band and others, well Earth, Wind & Fire comes along too.

Parken – “Double rainbow över Valla Torg”

Parken, or Pelle Lindroth which is his real name, is on his way with a new album, “Tidigt en maj”, to be released in May. Here he serves us a first taste with this great track, “Double rainbow över Valla Torg”:

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