New music with Albert, Audio Fauna, The Mary Onettes and No Coda

April 17, 2014 at 4:01 pm


Albert – “Albert” – album

When I listen to the Malmö band Albert’s debut album it’s hard to believe that the band has only existed for a year or so, and that they recorded everything in just four days. It feels so well produced, so well thought out and with a mature sound and great song writing, seemingly coming from a band with a longer history, who have found just the right way to express themselves. Now I know also that some of the band members have played together for a longer time than that, for example in the band Since Our First Guitar which I’ve written about before. Nevertheless it’s a great album, indie rock, with a relaxed vibe, a bit in the outskirts of what The National is doing. Here are three songs from the album:

Audio Fauna

Johanna Kalén and Mari Kronlund form Audio Fauna, a duo they started last summer. They have two tracks out, two great songs with folk inspired pop that have a nice tension and sort of sneak up on you.

The Mary Onettes – “Naive Dream”

A little more than a week ago The Mary Onettes released their new album “Portico” and took the opportunity also to present the new music video to “Naive Dream” from the album. I can just note that the band has had a fantastic and a productive music year with two new albums and loads of excellent songs. Just lean back, dream away and enjoy.

No Coda – “Heretic”

No Coda continue their row of fine singles, here with the new song “Heretic”:

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