Anna Jadéus – “Håll ut”

September 2, 2016 at 5:07 pm

Anna Jadéus

In March she stood out with the most beautiful and the most moving song during Spring, “Vi vet ingenting”. Now Anna Jadéus has released the album “Håll ut” where the song has found its home. Already on the cover, with the album title and the rainbow-coloured umbrellas, she sends a message to the bedgrudged, the misunderstood and the lonely ones. It’s not a record full of fighting slogans, though, if anyone believes that, it’s rather an emotional and personal story from the inside, full of contrasts.

There’s a musically playful side with rythmic ukuleles as the base, where we all soon sing along in for example the title track. But there’s also a more serious side where time stops for a moment in in songs like “En sån som vill ha mer” or “Mörkret drar förbi”, painfully beautiful songs full of vulnerability and warmth. With small means she slowly builds up the songs into emotional and powerful anthems and throws us between melancholy and joy, but with a final message of hope, love and inner strength. The final song “Kommer vi klara oss?” (transl. “Will we make it?) is a journey which ends right there, but as the track has ringed out with beautiful euforia, it still leaves a worrying echo in my mind: are we all really going to make it in the end if we can’t learn to accept every person for who she is?

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“En sån som vill ha mer”:

“Håll ut”:

“Kommer vi klara oss?”

Anna Jadéus – “Vi vet ingenting”

March 8, 2016 at 5:03 pm

Anna Jadéus

Anna Jadéus is on her way with her third solo album and has today released this video, “Vi vet ingenting”, as a first taste of the record. She writes that it’s about the “eternal balance between hope and despair in a world where one has to fight for the right to love whoever you want to love”. And this tension which appears between dreams and distress certainly shows and makes its way right to the heart as she fills every word with an emotional subtext. There’s a large palette of feelings here and also questions hanging in the air. There’s a will to fight, there’s sadness, but also hope and love. An urgent voice in a time where we still frustratingly are asking ourselves how it’s possible to hate love.

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