Riff Knives – “Ape Flip”

May 7, 2011 at 1:57 pm

Riff KnivesRiff Knives is back with a new EP, “Ape Flip”. And their own mix of  funk, rock and hip hop continues to impress me. It feels like an obvious step forward; like a wine that’s maturing into something exquisite.

To point out something specific that has happened, I feel that the harder gangsta-vibes has been replaced with more rock- and funk warmth, which I think is positive; it feels closer and more “us” than “you”.

They have a special ability of coming up with efficient hooks in guitar riffs, bridges and chorus melodies and to make it all work together with a really nice drive. From that perspective “Put Me On the Ride” is a pleasure to listen to; the song has everything and they even find space for blues harmonicas and a funky guitar solo. “I Miss You (Honestly?)”, which you can listen to here below is another brilliant example.

You can listen to their music on Spotify, Deezer or Grooveshark. You can also find them on their site.

I Miss You (Honestly?)

Riff Knives

June 21, 2010 at 4:40 pm

Riff KnivesRiff Knives play music in a genre that’s normally not exactly my thing, but nevertheless I was caught by their music. It’s a mix of hip hop, funk and rock with a lot of attitude and cool hooks. They get their inspiration foremost from N*E*R*D but also also from bands like Looptroop, Jurassic 5 and Infinite Mass.

They have released their debut EP, “Rattle For Fame”, which you can listen to on Spotify or on their Myspace page. Here are a couple of tracks:

Rattle For Fame
Porn Scar

Music Is the Weapon

September 3, 2009 at 4:32 pm

Music Is the WeaponIf I were to explain groove to someone, I think that the afro-beat band Music Is the Weapon would be a great example. The 12-membered band creates a music with a liveliness I can listen to for a long time. It’s party, fighting spirit and a lot of joy.  With funk, jazz and caribbean influences this makes a great mix.

They started out as a tribute band to Fela Kuti, but is now playing their own music, inspired by Kuti. This led to the release of their debut album “Music Is the Weapon” in may. I you’d like to listen more you should visit their Myspace page or their Facebook page.

Here you can listen to a bonus track, featuring the poet Lasse Fabel (in swedish):

Copyriot (feat Lasse Fabel)

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