Indie-electropop and some folk pop from Wouie, Lon Rangur, Woolfish and Last Lynx

April 25, 2014 at 4:19 pm
Last Lynx

Last Lynx

Wouie – “It Is What It Is/Changes”

The duon Wouie release their songs in pairs, now for the third time this year. I like it, more good stuff for us. Apparently they are working on a full length album, due for release this summer.

Lon Rangur – “Spirit”

Lon Rangur is a duo which consists of William Laryea and Jack Elphick, two Londoners who moved to Stockholm. And their first song release, “Spirit”, with it’s catchy chorus frase and interesting electroindie-sound, certainly makes me want to here more from them.

Woolfish – “Tune of Time”

And the third duo today, Woolfish, Joakim Wiik och Samuel Heiligers, released the single “Tune of Time” earlier this week. The song is the opening track in the film “You Never Know“, which I told you about the other week, when I posted the premiere for Samuel’s solo debut with Songs of Sam. This song is something completely different from their earlier single “Files“; here we hear a soft, gorgeous acoustic pop with vocal harmonies and slowly rocking bossa rhythm that takes us through the song.

Last Lynx – “Curtains”

Last Lynx release the second single from the upcoming EP “Rifts”. It’s called “Curtains”, and I marvel at how they manage to produce one great track after the other.

Folk, indie pop, R’n’B and shoegaze from Zebastian Swartz, Wouie, Artymove and No Coda

February 27, 2014 at 4:47 pm


Zebastian Swartz – “Me and My Brother”

Here’s a new voice to me, in the shape of Zebastian Swartz who just has released his debut single “Me and My Brother”. And what a voice he has, a voice that stays with me after listening to this nostalgic, folk-vibing singer/songwriter-ballad.

Wouie – “Unfold” och “Haunting Feeling”

I wrote about the indie pop duo Wouie in January, and now they have released two more songs. It’s inte same spirit as before with an eighties-influenced indie pop, inspired and with a characteristic sound. Especially “Haunting Feeling” catches my attention.

Artymove – “Back and Forth Redux” (feat. Mercedes)

It’s been a couple of years since I wrote about the trio Artymove, and for some reason I have missed a number of great songs they have released since then. Now it’s about their single and video to “Back and Forth Redux” featuring Mercedes on vocals. In the direction of R’nB with their own creative electro touch and with a wonderful voice from Mathilda Lindgren. I also added another song, the title track from their EP “So Real”.
Interestingly I just realised that Mathias Näslund from the trio is the same Mathias as the one from the indie duo The Sweet Serenades. I figured that out after having watched the video, where they in a scene are standing around a fire with Mathias in woodcutter’s attire and I thought “hehe, that’s almost like The Sweet Serenades’ style”.

No Coda – “No Ransom” – video

I’m finishing with another video. It’s No Coda who made one to their excellent single “No Ransom“.


January 22, 2014 at 5:53 pm


Here’s a new interesting duo, Wouie, who some week ago showed their first two tracks to the world. Pop it is, with the feet set in both guitar indie pop and electro pop, with quite a dose of the eighties’ large rooms and distant vocals and choirs. Victor and Linus are the first names of the two members, and there’s not much more info than that, but I have a feeling we will hear from them soon again.

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