Sometimes I’m Blue

October 3, 2008 at 8:00 am

Carl Beijbom, singer in Them Jacks, calls himself “Sometimes I’m Blue” as a solo artist. He is working on an EP project that will be finished this autumn, and you can follow his work, song by song, on his Myspace page.

As a contrast to the more lighter indie pop of Them Jacks, Carl creates more blue feelings here, as the name implies. Not always in the melodies, but in his vocals and in the sound itself. It’s dreamy and echoing and maybe longing. Sometimes it feels like Conor Oberst has married the late Beatles (White Album).

Here you can listen to the two first tracks of the project, and you are welcome to visit his Myspace page to follow the development of the project.

Lovers’ Church
Come Back to Me

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