The Search – “Staying Alive In a Country Industrialized”

June 18, 2012 at 4:10 pm

The Search

In the Autumn The Search released the album “The Search For Connection, Contact and Community, one of my favourite albums from last year. And already now during spring they came out with the follow-up “Staying Alive In a Country Industrialized”, and with this album also a new line-up where only the singer and songwriter Razmig Tekeyan and drummer Per Tholander is left from before.

They also sound different now. It feels warmer and more open and with a clearer connection to the influences from the 80’s post punk och new wave bands. It’s a worthy follow-up to last years album and at the same time a fascinating new start for the band, which I will follow with great interest in the time to come.
You’ll find The Search on Facebook and you can listen to their music on Bandcamp and on Spotify.

We Fell Asleep In Each Other’s Arms and Never Woke Up


January 27, 2012 at 2:05 pm


Joakim Jakobsson is a former member of The Search and last year he started the band Duellen (The Duel) together with Argentinian Brian Biezki. Brian soon left the band and instead the former The Search-members Tina Bergström and Mikael Saltzman plus Olle Bilius (Jeniferever) and Simon Lundström entered the band. Then in december the five-track debut EP was released.

It’s indie pop in Swedish, rather darkly colored, radiating with vibes from the eighties’ new wave scene. They vary smoothly from synth based songs to guitar driven ones without losing the atmosphere. Straight melodies that stick quite fast on a good EP that promises more.

You can listen to the EP on Duellen’s Bandcamp page and on Spotify. You can follow the band on Facebook.


The Search – “The Search For Connection, Contact and Community”

October 19, 2011 at 12:16 pm

The Search

Besides an edition of the songs from the band’s early years (under the name Silverslut), it’s been quiet around The Search since 2008, at least when it comes to recordings. Now, finally, they have released the album “The Search For Connection, Contact and Community”, which was released September 30th.

Already in the first tones in the first song “Silent Days” they set the ambience for the entire album. I’m enshrouded in an Autumn-like, dreamy, slightly mellow atmosphere, an atmosphere that goes hand in hand with the lyrics, which are well summarized in the album title.

The Search is really not a refrain band, in the meaning that you won’t go around humming grandiose refrain hooks afterwards. The songs are more ambient, thoughtful creations, which doesn’t stop them from being full of beautiful melodies and nice passages where the songs allow to blossom. My favourites here are “An Ounce of Courage” and “Age of the Hermit”. One exception is “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter”, a song in a faster pace and with a more obvious refrain, which you can listen to here below.

Listen to the album on The Search’s Bandcamp page, and you can follow the band on their blog and on their Facebook page.

Silent Days
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

The Search

November 10, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Earlier this year The Search released their fourth album “Saturnine Songs”. An album filled with melancholic pop, beautiful melodies embedded in a nice atmosphere with a big sound. There is a lot of vibes from the eighties in this music and earlier they have often been compared with for example the Cure. And sure, in some songs this is clearly obvious especially in some intros and how it may sound, but to me I find them just as much with one foot in the sound of bands from this century, like for example Doves and Travis.

The Search plays live frequently, and often they perform on stages in Germany, where their record label afmusic is based. And I recommend you to visit afmusic’s site if you want to download the album “Saturnine Songs” ” for free, or buy versions with extra tracks or with the highest sound quality. Or to see where you can buy a CD.

The Search is extremely generous with their material, both the newest tracks and the earlier recordings. On you’ll find more or less every song they have ever released, both for listening and downloading.
You can also visit them on Myspace.


Listen to a couple of songs:


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