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November 10, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Earlier this year The Search released their fourth album “Saturnine Songs”. An album filled with melancholic pop, beautiful melodies embedded in a nice atmosphere with a big sound. There is a lot of vibes from the eighties in this music and earlier they have often been compared with for example the Cure. And sure, in some songs this is clearly obvious especially in some intros and how it may sound, but to me I find them just as much with one foot in the sound of bands from this century, like for example Doves and Travis.

The Search plays live frequently, and often they perform on stages in Germany, where their record label afmusic is based. And I recommend you to visit afmusic’s site if you want to download the album “Saturnine Songs” ” for free, or buy versions with extra tracks or with the highest sound quality. Or to see where you can buy a CD.

The Search is extremely generous with their material, both the newest tracks and the earlier recordings. On you’ll find more or less every song they have ever released, both for listening and downloading.
You can also visit them on Myspace.


Listen to a couple of songs:


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September 22, 2008 at 8:00 am


Around 1995 Carl Nordström started to play with music software and synths. After experimenting for a while through techno, house, drum n bass, hip hop, he finally found his own sound expression and the road that awaited for him.
Affictionados, like sub-tunnel beats, swept in city noise and that could have been created from the concrete from the big city.

The songs have a common melancholy that may be compared to The Cure dressed as Elvis Costello. A dark, heavy experimenting electronica vs hip hop brings me to the depth of what is expected from a beat maker. Carl has worked through the album “Affictionados” with the production and the arrangements. But the real spin is guest plays from musicians and artists from all over the world, like Kissey Asplund, Séamus, Crippual, Tessa Saxell and Torin Williams.
Download the entire album >>Here! (for free!)

I’m really turned on with the opening song, “Baby”, with a delayed drum loop that stands out in the the hip hop sampler arena. The songs shift, change and swap strategies; never far away from the main theme, but all the time innovative and lead to
The door of the lounge bar with the song “Always and Always”, considering a more monotone way of walking, to be in the background, sitting in the sofa and the closing time for the bar. But something happens as Kissey Asplund starts to sing about 2:43 in the song. A fresh warm tone that colours the arrangement mustard yellow. She is good! Really good!

What are you working with now?
“Today Affictionados stands for itself like a project where I have worked with a number of different styles, that I can’t name anything else than “beats”. I sample all kind of music I find and that I feel have that extra special, and I put it together into something that I would like to call my own.
Right now, I’m working with a record that’s hopefully finished by the end of the year. Besides that I’m turning records at CAFÈ RASOIR in Malmö with a DJ-crew called OH NO, NO DECKS.”

In my opinion Carl is a fantastic producer that’s ahead of his time. I’m looking forward to what’s being melded together for the years to come.


Always and always ft Kissey Asplund

Affictionados on Myspace

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