The Culture In Memoriam – “We Will Always Love You”

April 29, 2016 at 2:42 pm

The Culture In Memoriam

Victor Håkansson and his The Culture In Memoriam are back with a new single, which is also the first peek at the upcoming album “History’s Dust”. It’s an impassioned strike at the hollow values of the adult world, that builds up to a grandiose final where I immediately join them in the chorus. We also get a bonus track in the shape of “Foggy Days In Malmö” where Victor is left alone with his guitar and his intensity in a folkindie-vibing song.

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The Culture In Memoriam – “Rest In Pieces”

January 25, 2012 at 1:47 pm

The Culture In Memoriam

Four years after the last album The Culture In Memoriam released the third album, “Rest In Pieces”, in the end of last year. Behind the artist name we find Victor Håkansson as the only permanent member together with a range of musicians in what Victor calls a music collective.

Pavestone pop he calls the music which in more than one way symbolise the music, also in a way like two opposites meet. The beautiful melodies, the string and backing vocals arrangements that give an air of classic bombastic pop from both the sixties and the seventies, and at the same time the distortion, the unpolished and fragility in Victor’s voice that give everything a raw indie vibe. Together with the critical lyrics it all ends up as an urgent message.

I haven’t listened to the earlier albums, so I can’t compare, but to me “Rest In Pieces” feels like a solid album that grows after time, with no in-between tracks at all. Listen here below to the first song of the album, “Run Emelie”.

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Run Emelie

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