Catching Up – Hip Hop from Rebstar, Adam Tensta, Saint, Östblockarn and Skuggan av Svampen

June 12, 2014 at 3:54 pm
Adam Tensta

Adam Tensta

Another “Catching Up”-post, today with a hip hop theme. I don’t receive that much hip hop; not that surprising since there are other colleagues that do a better job with it; but what I do get is good:

Rebstar – “Safe Safe”

The versatile Rebstar has released the first single from the upcoming album “Girls Like Nicole”. It’s called “Safe Safe” and is a tribute to Rosengård (neighbourhood in Malmö) and Zlatan.

Adam Tensta (ft. Spoek Mathambo) – “Head Trippin”

The likewise creative Adam Tensta has been collaborating with the producer Carli resulting in the three-track EP “Black Taxi Joints”. The three songs will be released one at a time each week on the blog Discobelle. First up is “Head Trippin”, including the South African artist Spoek Mathambo:

Saint – The Devil Is Alive (ft. Rebstar)

Joined by Rebstar, Saint has created his version of Rick Ross’ “The Devil Is Alive” in this remix/cover:

Östblockarn – “Original Oregano”

Östblockarn takes us back to the eighties and runs around like Leisure Suit Larry in his morning gown in this video. Funny enough a game in the same spirit, with Östblockarn as one of the characters, is being created by NMRosta, who’s also responsible for this video.

Skuggan av Svampen med Östblockarn – “Dirty” -video

Skuggan av Svampen launches the detergent Dirty! “- People are tired of walking around smelling of tussilago. There’s a need of going back to something primal and dirty, Skivling says. Dirty works just like any other detergent, but with the opposite effect.”

Skuggan Av Svampen – “Stackars dig”

November 15, 2013 at 3:05 pm

Skuggan Av Svampen

Earlier this year the hip hop band Skuggan Av Svampen released their second album “Stackars dig”, which I’m going to play a couple of songs from. It’s a playful, groovy album where they add a number of styles to the mix, like soft soul, reggae, R’n’B, electro pop and other stuff. It’s laidback with a lot of humour and a row of colleagues are helping out on the 13 tracks, for example Jeepstarr, Östblockarn, Fubbik and Kollektivet.

Skuggan Av Svampen on Facebookon Spotifyon Wimppå Rara

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