Six Figure Transatlantic – “The Owl”

February 3, 2012 at 6:05 pm

Six Figure Transatlantic - "The Owl"

Friday night is here and I aim to finish this week by helping you get a good feeling for the weekend. And for this I get help from Six Figure Transatlantic’s new album “The Owl”, which in fact is their debut album, even though they started already in 1999.

I wrote about the band a couple of years ago, and then the album was on it’s way, but you know, if you’re waiting for something good… And good it is, at least if you like soft americana, singer/songwriter and a nice retro sound. If you’ve encountered the band before, you’ve probably heard some of the songs on their earlier EP:s.

It was the singer and guitarist Mattias Dahl who came up with the name, Six Figure Transatlantic. Sick in fever, he read the name on a truck during a subway trip. The band was looking for an unusual name, it sounded sweet for them and they settled for the name. Afterwards it turned out that there weren’t any truck companies with that name; Mattias had misread the whole thing.

To listen to “The Owl”, you can go to Spotify or similar services. The band also has a Facebook page and a home page.

Last Waltz
All Over Town

Six Figure Transatlantic

January 7, 2009 at 4:49 pm

I’m enwrapped in a very nice sound as I listen to Six Figure Transatlantic. Their americana-tasting pop reminds me of  Neil Young and CSN&Y from the early seventies, and in the close acoustic feeling that’s present I can almost sense the presence of Damien Rice. In some songs the early Radiohead knocks on my shoulder. Soft, pleasant, really good songs, well, really worth listening to.

The songs here give a taste of their forthcoming debut album, which will be released this spring. They have earlier released a couple of EP:s, which you can listen to at their site. The EP “Movers & Shakers” you’re also invited to download for free. You’ll also find Six Figure Transatlantic on Myspace.

Pink Heart
A Storm Is Coming

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