Sideburn – “IV Monument”

November 1, 2013 at 5:41 pm


The hard rock/metal band Sideburn took their first steps in 1997 and I’ve been sitting here today listening to their fourth album “IV Monument”. Often their music is put in the stoner metal and doom metal genres, but as I’m quite lost in those areas, I find my references elsewhere. And there are plenty of them to find.

In the first place I feel the strong influence from Black Sabbath, not only for the heavy riffs but also for the wonderful retro sound with warm crunchy guitars, a real pleasure for the ears. This is far away from modern overloaded loudness-optimised productions with dynamics that give them plenty of room to show their brilliance in. There’s quite a span between the songs, ranging from the doom-sounding funeral procession in “The Last Day” to the Led Zeppelin-vibing ballad “Silverwing” to pure classic melodic metal. Jani Kataja’s vocals are brilliant and introduce a bluesy feeling which sometimes reminds me of Ian Gillan and sometimes of Glenn Hughes. I love the guitar playing as well and it’s not often I hear such a varied and creative playing on hard rock albums, sometimes with an improvised feeling which makes it feel even more alive. To sum it up: a fantastic hard rock album.

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