Catching Up – Hip Hop from Rebstar, Adam Tensta, Saint, Östblockarn and Skuggan av Svampen

June 12, 2014 at 3:54 pm
Adam Tensta

Adam Tensta

Another “Catching Up”-post, today with a hip hop theme. I don’t receive that much hip hop; not that surprising since there are other colleagues that do a better job with it; but what I do get is good:

Rebstar – “Safe Safe”

The versatile Rebstar has released the first single from the upcoming album “Girls Like Nicole”. It’s called “Safe Safe” and is a tribute to Rosengård (neighbourhood in Malmö) and Zlatan.

Adam Tensta (ft. Spoek Mathambo) – “Head Trippin”

The likewise creative Adam Tensta has been collaborating with the producer Carli resulting in the three-track EP “Black Taxi Joints”. The three songs will be released one at a time each week on the blog Discobelle. First up is “Head Trippin”, including the South African artist Spoek Mathambo:

Saint – The Devil Is Alive (ft. Rebstar)

Joined by Rebstar, Saint has created his version of Rick Ross’ “The Devil Is Alive” in this remix/cover:

Östblockarn – “Original Oregano”

Östblockarn takes us back to the eighties and runs around like Leisure Suit Larry in his morning gown in this video. Funny enough a game in the same spirit, with Östblockarn as one of the characters, is being created by NMRosta, who’s also responsible for this video.

Skuggan av Svampen med Östblockarn – “Dirty” -video

Skuggan av Svampen launches the detergent Dirty! “- People are tired of walking around smelling of tussilago. There’s a need of going back to something primal and dirty, Skivling says. Dirty works just like any other detergent, but with the opposite effect.”

New songs from Peacock Farm, The Grand Minnows, Blackstrap and Rebstar

February 25, 2014 at 3:25 pm


Peacock Farm – “Monogram (Plum Run)”

Peacock Farm is a band from Stockholm which shares members with Alexandria and is soon releasing a new vinyl EP. “Monogram (Plum Run)” is the name of the first track, a track that reminds me of Pink Floyd and early Genesis and overall a sound that breathes of the dynamic seventies. Great music.

The Grand Minnows – “Televised”

After the EP debut last month The Grand Minnows are back with a new single, “Televised”. I do recognise them, but they sound a bit different now, more dirty, more indie rock and feels even sharper than before.

Blackstrap – “Monument”

Blackstrap are releasing their third song, “Monument”, from their upcoming album; a Nine Inch Nails-influenced dense shoegaze, which you can also hear on the earlier song “Monoheart” here below. I couldn’t help but adding the psychadelic “Make Sense Make Change (Feat. Victoria Bergsman)” from last year too.

Rebstar – “My Way”

Here’s a new hip hop single from Rebstar, different from what I’ve heard before from him, minimalistic in comparison, 8bits-synth sounding and rock hard.

Stilett, Hurula, The Bland, Rebstar and Century of Ecstasy

January 24, 2014 at 4:39 pm


It’s Friday and the end of the week, so I thought I’d gather some news from this week I haven’t had the time to present yet. Here’s some more great music:

Stilett – debut album

Stilett is the name of a new punk band formed by Adam Nilsson from Tysta Mari and Crippe Määtä from Bombshell Rocks. Joined by Thomas Åberg (Twopointeight) and Inge Johansson (International Noise Conspiracy) they have released their debut album today. Here’s a taste of it:

Hurula – “Sluta deppa mig”

Robert Hurula, former front man in Masshysteri, is now going solo and have recorded an album to be released later in Spring.”Sluta deppa mig” is the first single from the record:

The Bland – “Changes”

I called the former street musicians The Bland’s folk and Americana-inspired music irresistable, the last time I wrote (called The Bland Band then) about them. And I still think it is when I listen to their new single “Changes”, which you can listen to here below. The song adverts their debut album “Strangers on the Side of the Street” which will be released next Friday.

Rebstar – “Simple”

Here’s some hip hop from Malmö, from the artist Rebstar. He released this single “Simple” this week, which is the first one from his upcoming album, which will be his third full length album.

Century of Ecstasy – “The City Of You”

Century of Ecstasy calls himself lo-fi-artist and shows us what he means by that on the debut single “The City Of You”, released yesterday. It’s a beautiful, soft piano ballad with a sound that could have been inspired by John Lennon from the early seventies.

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