January 4, 2009 at 5:20 pm

ExhadleyExhadley is a duo consisting of Jörgen Andersson and Peter Fransson. I feel that words are not enough when I try to explain their music. Or maybe music experiences is a better phrase. With the help of electronics and synths and other instruments, they create pieces of musical art, which sometimes give me a psychadelia feeling, but is very varying. And that makes it even more interesting for me. It’s like going on a discovery adventure, and you’ll never know what’s around the corner.

Try for yourself here in a couple of tracks. You will find Exhadley on Myspace if you’d like to listen more. You can also find Jörgen Andersson under the name Nachdenken and Peter Fransson as Retep Folo, where you also will discover som interesting music.

Ordinairy Flowers That Are Not

The Plastic Pals

December 8, 2008 at 3:21 pm

The Plastic PalsA couple of months ago The Plastic Pals released their debut album “Good Karma Café”. A solid, exciting rock and powerpop album with a collection of strong tracks with The Plastic Pals’ own special sound. It feels like great retro mixture molded into something new. I get so many associations to this that I find it hard to tell them apart into some kind of description.

Sixties pop, psychadelia, Blue Öyster Cult, Television, and yes it feels clean and rough at the same time. I really love the vocals from Håkan Soold, which adds a lot of soul to the music and keeps everything together. A really good album that grows each time I listen to it.

Below you’ll find a couple of tracks from Good Karma Café plus a video. Visit The Plastic Pals on Myspace to listen and read more.

She’s Going Back:

Here Comes the Sun
Long and Lovely

Mother and Sun

November 13, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Mother and SunClassic psychadelia music is what I first hear when I listen to Mother and Sun. The experimental rock scene that started in the end of the sixties and evolved further in the beginning of the seventies. Somewhere there I find the roots of Mother and Sun. They sound heavier than their predecessors though and they add massive sounds that make they sound very special. Organs and synths help to create the atmosphere but it’s the complex guitars that is the base of it all. From the most broken-down guitar sounds to The Edge-sounding atmospheric tones. Interesting and varying, a lot of ambience and different.

Mother and Sun started in 2004 and has become an appreciated live act, foremost in the Uppsala area. Earlier this year they participated on the Psychadelia collection “Trip In Time vol III“, they will release a split album soon together with Mugwumps and in the end of this year they start recording a full length album.

Here’s a couple of great tracks:

Lasting the Circle
Time to Vertigo

Visit Mother and Sun on Myspace

Port of Saints

November 6, 2008 at 1:00 am

Port of SaintsWilliam S. Burroughs wrote the novel “Port of Saints” in 1973. The story consists of several interwoven substories while the main theme is about a bunch of wild boys that try to change history by travelling through time to different places.

Maybe they are not rewriting history, but the description of the book feels right on target when it comes to the band Port of Saints. They sample from different eras of rock history and get influences from many directions like Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath older psychadelia rock and others. Many threads that may lead to different areas but they blend it beautifully down to a heavy driven rock that is fun to listen to.

I really recommend a visit to their Myspace page or their Facebook page, so you can hear more sides of this interesting rock band.

Listen to and download three songs:

The Martyr
Dead End

In the Labyrinth

September 26, 2008 at 8:00 am

In the Labyrinth, Peter LindahlIn the Labyrinth is the multi-instrumentalist Peter Lindahl, who paints new musical landscapes, together with visiting friends.

The first thing that struck me when I listened, was a fantasy feeling, where some tracks could fit into many movies of this genre. And I got extra inspiration from the beautiful album paintings (painted by Peter Lindahl).

The music is also made with a lot of musical fantasy, and the influences are many. Sometimes I sense the early Pink Floyd, and many times Mike Oldfield. Otherwise, the most remarkable influence is the oriental flavour. Oriental scales are woven very skilfully and nice together with everything else and the sitar gives a beautiful colour to the music.

The Artist Dance of the Witches

“Dryad” (Record Heaven) ) is the latest and the third album from In the Labyrinth. You can listen to three songs from the album here. Welcome into the labyrinth!

Lost In the Woods (plus Intro)
Night of the Baskerville Killer
Out of This Maze

Visit Peter Lindahl’s home page, listen, download songs and buy the albums “Dryad”, “Walking on Clouds” and “Garden of Mysteries”

and his Myspace page

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