Paris Is Burning

August 27, 2012 at 12:22 pm

Paris Is Burning

Paris Is Burning, hailing from Norrköping, have taken their name from a documentary from 1990 with the same name. Musically it’s about post punk influenced by the eighties with vibes from bands like Sisters of Mercy. The five members formed the band a little more than a year ago and have so far released a single you can listen to on their Bandcamp page. Follow the band on Facebook.


Korset – “exorcisten”

June 19, 2012 at 2:38 pm


From the lighter tones earlier today we now move to darker ones. Teenage anxiety for 30-year-olds, or a sad and introvert, dark post punk with pop vibes in Swedish, the duo Korset writes about their music.

The producer Tobias Westerberg and the singer and songwriter Peter Weicht in Korset have played together in various projects since 15 years back. Now they decided at first to create an angry, socially conscious industry project á la Nine Inch Nails, but this soon gave way for their own language and Swedish melancholy. This Spring they have released the EP “exorcisten” (“the exorcist”), an EP full of melancholy, dark beautiful melodies and punk distorted blackness.

About the band name Peter writes:

It sounds good. Symbolically it also seems to add an extra dimension to the music. Like standing in the shadow of something big that keeps judging you. But also, the stillness, the hopelessness and death.
(transl. from Swedish)

Follow the band on their blog and listen to the EP on Bandcamp.

Aldrig var jag bra

The Search – “Staying Alive In a Country Industrialized”

June 18, 2012 at 4:10 pm

The Search

In the Autumn The Search released the album “The Search For Connection, Contact and Community, one of my favourite albums from last year. And already now during spring they came out with the follow-up “Staying Alive In a Country Industrialized”, and with this album also a new line-up where only the singer and songwriter Razmig Tekeyan and drummer Per Tholander is left from before.

They also sound different now. It feels warmer and more open and with a clearer connection to the influences from the 80’s post punk och new wave bands. It’s a worthy follow-up to last years album and at the same time a fascinating new start for the band, which I will follow with great interest in the time to come.
You’ll find The Search on Facebook and you can listen to their music on Bandcamp and on Spotify.

We Fell Asleep In Each Other’s Arms and Never Woke Up

Principe Valiente

November 2, 2011 at 5:52 pm

Principe Valiente

Recently the self titled debut album from Principe Valiente was reissued, which was an excellent occasion to present the band here on Meadowmusic, I thought. They have created a characteristic sound where I hear shoegaze with a lot of vibes from the eighties’ reverbing rooms and dark atmosphere from what some call post punk. Sometimes the thoughts irrevocably goes to Sisters of Mercy, maybe mostly because of the vocals than anything else.

Listen for yourself here below, and take a look at their Bandcamp page or Spotify to listen to the whole album. You’ll find the the band on their site and on Facebook.

In My Arms

Support the artist: Buy “Principe Valiente” – on iTuneson Amazon

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