Marigold – “Allt kommer bli bra” – album

April 17, 2015 at 1:40 pm


Today Marigold release their second album “Allt kommer bli bra”, and album with lyrics in Englis, even if the title suggests otherwise. I have presented some of the singles from the album before, among them the title song, which I think was one of the best pop songs in 2014. I think this is a solid album which quite lives up to my expectations, and which elaborates further on their sense of sweet pop melodies. To me it feels like the album stands on a firm seventies-pop ground where bands like Supertramp and ELO come to mind. Add to that a touch of the large rooms from the eighties and grand, melancholic choruses. Here are a few of my favorites from the album, including the title track which you really shouldn’t miss.

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Marigold – “Can’t Touch Me”

January 15, 2015 at 4:23 pm


Today Marigold are releasing the single “Can’t Touch Me”, a catchy synthpop-tinged song which makes me think of ELO from the end of the seventies/at the start of the eighties. And if I would summarize Marigold’s latest songs I’d say they sound like an indie reincarnation of rock bands from the seventies that were influnced by disco and synth pop, becoming more dance friendly and stepping into the catchy pop room instead. This is just as obvious on the Marigold’s single from November, the excellent “Allt kommer bli bra”, where Fleetwood Mac comes to mind.

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Thursday pop with Cajsa Siik, Little Children, Marigold, AstroMike Gordon and Jonas Schwartz

May 29, 2014 at 11:48 am
Little Children

Little Children

Cajsa Siik – “Relentless Delight”

Cajsa Siik is on her way with her second album which is called “Contra”. The single “Relentless Delight” is the first taste, a single that promises a lot for the album.

Little Children – “Impala” – video

Here’s another song from Little Children, “Impala”, expressed through this brilliant music video signed Ted Malmros. The song is taken from the single “By Your Side” and will also be a part of the album “Walk Within”, to be released in the Autumn.

Marigold – “Last Days of Disco”

Marigold describe their latest song, “Last Days of Disco”, as “a sarchastic but loving punch in the face of the modern house scene, a kind of antithesis to the overcompressed samplings”. And just like the song title suggests, this is a disco, classic disco with a touch of indie pop.

AstroMike Gordon – “Ministry Song”

Cristoffer Csanady and his AstroMike Gordon continue to fascinate me with the new single “Ministry Song”. The debut album is out on the 11th of June!

Jonas Schwartz – “Music For You”

Jonas Schwartz is also on his way with his second album, and have also presented the first single from the album. The song is called “Music For You”, a song that takes him in a quite a different musical direction than the first guitar based album “Six”. Exciting.

Borlänge-pop, doom-folk and chinese postrock from Billy the Zombie Kid, Marigold, Sisilisko and Lerin/Hystad

April 8, 2014 at 6:12 pm


Billy the Zombie Kid – “The Blessing and the Curse” – EP

Billy The Zombie Kid is a band from Borlänge, who released the debut album “The Blessing and the Curse” a couple of months ago. It contains five songs with a melodic, alternative pop/rock spiced up with electronica, well a bit in the direction of The Killers. Here’s the title track “The Blessing and the Curse”:

Marigold – “Allt kommer bli bra”

The next band, Marigold is also from Borlänge. A month ago they released the single “Allt kommer bli bra” and last year the excellent EP “Och så kom regnet”. I can sense a part of The Killers here also, but here more in the direction of synth pop, as a melancholic, a bit eighties-like ambience sweeps into the room. Here’s the latest single together with “City Farewell” from the EP:

Sisilisko – “Waldeinsamkeit” – EP

I wrote about the duo Sisilisko, Albin Boman and Peter Engqvist, in the Autumn. Now they are back with the EP “Waldeinsamkeit”, an EP where their doom-folk music runs further into the dark woods to explore the mystique, nature and darkness. Here’s “The Woods” from the album:

Lerin/Hystad – “Mount Buzhou” – album

On the 25th of April the Swedish/Norwegian duo Simon Torssell Lerin and Bettina Hvidevold Hystad are releasing their debut album “Mount Buzhou”. The album title is taken from the name of a mountain in Chinese mythology, a mountain said to have supported the heavens.

The Chinese tradition also run through the music. In 2010 the duo travelled to Kunming in the south west of China, where over 1000 retired musicians gathered each day to play traditional Chinese music together. During two months they recorded this music, and later blended these recordings with their own instrumental music. Postrock and progressive rock meet Chinese traditions which create a very special atmosphere. Here’s one of the six songs on the album:

Read an interview with Lerin/Hystad on (in Swedish)

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