MANKKU [mancko] – “Gör så gott du kan”

November 8, 2016 at 6:51 pm

MANKKU [mancko]

The expression “Gör så gott du kan” (appr. “do your best”) can be both a consolation and a curse. It’s also the title on MANKKU [mancko]’s, aka Magnus Fagernäs, latest singel, a taste of the upcoming album “Det var allt för stunden” (release November 17th). The song has been released before in an acoustic version recorded live in a studio. MANKKU claims, though, that this is how he really wanted the song to sound from the beginning.

It’s a dark atmosphere in this song where synths sweep in like black smoke, building up to a folkrock-vibing heavy chorus while MANKKU plays out all his dramatic intensity. Interestingly the folk song tinge is more obvious now than before, which underlines the timelessness in the story even further.  The song also ends with an ominous ambience, almost filmic, like if we are witnessing the smoldering remains of a battlefield. Dark, beautiful and haunting.

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Mankku [mancko] – “En riktig j-a smäll”

June 15, 2016 at 2:05 pm


Mankku’s electronica escapades in the Autumn apparently inspired him to continue using synthetic colours. On the new single “En riktig j-a smäll” he’s added 80’s-vibing synths and shades of new wave on a great track seasoned with a smooth saxophone and a dramatic story. And few can tell a story with the same empasis as Mankku. We’ve heard the song before in a naked, acoustic interpretation when he released songs from live sessions he recorded in Oslo, but now it’s reappeared in a more dense version, which also gives a hint about where his upcoming album in the Autumn will land.

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MANKKU [mancko] – “Stick & Brinn”

October 19, 2015 at 6:06 pm

MANKKU [mancko]

MANKKU surprises us on his latest single “Stick & Brinn” by throwing out his guitars and get out into the electronic soundscapes. And it’s a move that works amazingly well as he finds various ways to enhance the drama in the song. Here’s a number of ideas, like if he put his hand in an electronic goodie bag and decorated with effects, rhythms and pads, still in a way that feels tasteful and a bit minimalistic. Like if he’s done it all the time. Certainly among the best I’ve heard from him.

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MANKKU [mancko] – “Guld & Silver”

July 10, 2015 at 12:33 pm

MANKKU [mancko]

I am glad to see that Magnus Fagernäs, aka MANKKU [mancko] is back with a new single. It’s the blues-vibing “Guld & Silver” he presents us, while announcing more singles soon and a new album further on.

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MANKKU [mancko] – “Moder jord”

October 8, 2013 at 2:19 pm

MANKKU [mancko]

MANKKU  [mancko] has been laying low when it comes to recordings since his “dogma”-sessions last year and the album “Festen har bara börjat” the year before that. He writes that he’s gathered quite a collection of new songs, which he hopes to start to record this winter. He has had the time, though, to translate and record his own interpretation of The Gun Club’s song “Mother of Earth”; a song he says that has been with him ever since it was released in the beginning of the eighties. And as you can hear below, he’s made something completely of his own with the song, like a kind of bluesy Americana with a backbeat, and an ominous pumping bass synth and bells that’s counting the time (that’s left). An interesting hint (I hope) of what his upcoming recordings will be like.

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