Lasse Franck – “Lilla Svärje”

October 1, 2012 at 5:47 pm

Lasse Franck

In Spring Lasse Franck released his debut album “Lilla Svärje” (appr. “Little Sweden”). Already in 2008 we showed two of the songs in early versions, which are now featured on the album in new clothes. The album starts with some songs with hard swinging political satire about the order in Sweden today, or disorder if you like. I think it hits the best in “Nu börjar det roliga”, which is a wild jape about how we treat our elders today. The song is actually written before the scandals around Carema last year, and if the album had been released before that, the song would have been an obvious theme song for that debate..

The album then head on in different directions, and we can get into seriousness, love and other contemplations. He turns perspectives around and plays with images in the well refined lyrics, which he performs as if every line was at stake. A skilled word smith, as I wrote before, who can turn a sligthly ironic line into a hard punch with a single word.

The album is produced by Håkan Svensson from Nationalteatern, and the sound makes me think of Swedish pop from the end of the eighties/the beginning of the nineties, with some kind of starting point at Jacob Hellman’s place, but which they have run through the mill and dirtied with hard distorted guitars, hammond and other stuff. I like especially that I-kicked-in-the-speaker-membrane-guitar, which is present in several songs.
Listen to a couple of tracks from the album here below.

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Lilla Svärje
Konstigt när du går

Lasse Franck

November 12, 2008 at 1:00 am

Lasse FranckLasse Franck is a skilled word juggler, that with his expressive, rather sensitive voice serves his lines in a pop/rock menu, with nice melodies. From softer pop songs, that remind me of Olle Ljungström, to rock with a drive.

Lasse sings in a way that really emphasizes the lyrics. And I accept the lyrics pretty fast, which can be layered personal reflections delivered with warmth and humour, where the afterthoughts make me smile, or provocations with his tongue in his cheek.

A full length album is being recorded in a collaboration with Pär Edwardson, Jonas Slättung and Kalle Thorslund, and will probably be released in spring 2009.
In the meantime you can get a taste of it by listening to three tracks:

Åka skridskor
Inget val

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