The Roskilde Festival – a glimmering Friday

July 6, 2013 at 4:14 pm


Despite the wonderful start of the festival on Thursday, it felt like it started for real on Friday. More artists, a lot more people moving around, the press room full of writers and photographers and overall a more excited and engaged atmosphere. Add to that a fantastic festival weather; sunny with just the right temperature and pleasant, cooling breezes. We tried to keep up with all things we had planned for, but just as I thought our schedule was a little too optimistic, though. Here are a few of those artists we watched:

Jonathan Wilson played at the “folk scene” Odeon, which fit his 60/70’s-influenced folk/blues-rock perfectly. It’s tight, inspired, warm and I get vibes from both a Dylan from the seventies as well as from jammy psychadelia. Here are a few songs from his latest EP “Pity, Trials and Tomorrow’s Child” plus a live video:

About spreading warmth to the audience, the Icelandic band Of Monsters And Men knows exactly how to do it with their lovely folk pop. Catchy melodies with a lot of sing-a-long intentions.

We also checked out the Canadians in the band Suuns. Seductive, experimental and surprising jumps between different ambiences and rhythms, from indie dance to thick guitar driven noise walls to more suggestive works.

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