Jonas Carping – “Cocktails & Gasoline” album

March 7, 2016 at 5:18 pm

Jonas Carping

It’s been a really slow start this year in the blog. I haven’t quit in any way, it’s just that other things have gotten in the way. Well, here’s a new post for you, and then we’ll see.

Half a year ago I wrote about Jonas Carping’s single “The Last Approval”, a single that was a first taste of this album, “Cocktails & Gasoline”. The single track starts the album, and is definitely one of the highlights of the record. This single track showed a larger and heavier rock sound than he has revealed before, and this is a trait that runs through on more songs on the album. Here’s a big span, though, all the way down to the naked folk song, where he’s all alone with the acoustic guitar. No matter the environment he is a something of a rebel, like the rock poet from the street who has jumped up on the Americana stage and shares his life experience with drama and passion, glowing in the darkness. And here he does it better than ever before. Here are three tracks from the album:

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Jonas Carping – “The Last Approval”/”Damn Old World”

September 16, 2015 at 4:57 pm

Jonas Carping

Jonas Carping is going to release his second album on the 7th of October. It’s called “Cocktails & Gasoline”, and to give us a hunch how it sounds, he has released a couple of singles already, which you can listen to here below. I recognize his warm, dramatic vocals, but the sound costume is a bit different this time. His folk vibing songs are inbedded in a bigger sound now, with echoing guitars that remind me of both Mark Knopfler and U2, and where driving beats urge us on to open, grand choruses. It’s beautiful, comfortable but not without some nerve and drama.

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Jonas Carping – “All the Time In the World”

October 5, 2012 at 12:35 pm

Jonas Carping

In the beginning of the week Jonas Carping released his debut album “All the Time In the World”. Some of the songs we recognise from the earlier EP “Underground” and the single “The Sting”, and I think these two title track are also the strongest on the album. The other songs doesn’t disappoint, though, and it’s an even album with variation between the songs, from being alone with the guitar to a full band with strings, and all the time maintaing the warm and somewhat melancholic ambience on the album.

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The One

Jonas Carping – “Underground”

September 5, 2012 at 1:25 pm

Jonas Carping

I’ve written before about Jonas Carping as the singer in The Glade. Now he’s also released music in his own name; first the EP “Underground” during summer and yesterday the single “The Sting”. In the end of the month the album “All the Time In the World” will also be released, which I will feature in a post later on.

Genrewise it’s similar to what we’ve heard from The Glade in the latest releases; a warm, country inspired music with Jonas’ voice in the front that gets so close to us. There is a sympathetic, quiet peacefulness in Jonas’ vocals that catches my attention and stops me from rushing on to the next task. It’s like that friend that sits and litsens while the rest of us are fighting to get our points heard by interrupting each other. And who, when the crescendo of voices stops for moment, starts telling his story in his own calm pace. The intense discussion comes to a halt and everyone is listening.

You can listen to Jonas Carping on Spotify and on Bandcamp. Follow him on his site and on Facebook.

The Sting

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