Jon Rinneby

September 18, 2008 at 8:00 am

Jon RinnebyDream pop Jon Rinneby calls his music. And I think that’s a good description of the music. It’s dreamy, airy and slightly sleepily melancholic.

This is about Jon’s latest album “I’m In a Sideshow”, a 12 track album, that was released this spring/summer. The entire album can be downloaded from his home page.

To me this is pure pop music at it’s best, according to my definition. And pop music to me is first and foremost about melodies, melodies that flows like honey into my head when I listen. This happens all the time as I’m listening to the songs on “I’m In a Sideshow”. “Simple” melodies, so obvious and pleasant, but not recognisable from other songs. It’s just Jon Rinneby and it’s great.

The melodies are whistled, sung, crooned, sometimes almost whispered. On a couple of tracks (20 Million People, Let’s Dig a Hole) he’s helped by Maria Andersson and on a couple of other tracks, Karin Verbaan (Do You Still Need Me, Butterfly) which brings a nice contrast into the songs. Karin is also doing backing vocals on other tracks. It’s in some way minimalistic but still not, and often the verses lead into big sounding refrains with nice backing vocals. Well, I think it’s best you listen for yourself.

Dreampop according to Jon Rinneby:

Do You Still Need Me?
20 Million People
If You Want Me To Stay
I’m In a Sideshow

Download the album from Jon Rinneby’s home page

Jon Rinneby on Myspace

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