Simon Jensen

October 16, 2008 at 1:00 am

Simon JensenHello there! Are you one of those people that think it’s hard to get into the world of jazz? Well, here’s an excellent opportunity to explore it. I think that Simon Jensen definitely can help you out, using his flute.

Even if he verges on progressive rock at times, and a lot of other genres, I think he concentrates several jazz styles into his own, great love of music in sweet melodies, harmonies and ensemble.

The best way of describing his music is for you to listen to the following songs:

The Aunt
That Blues

For more songs, and to get to know Simon, visit his web site,

or his Myspace page


September 15, 2008 at 12:29 pm

Sometimes I’m rewarded with small gifts from life itself. It can happen as I pass an open door, a car or just turn the radio on, and then happiness suddenly appears. A gift that comes in the shape of arranged tones, feelings and lyrics. As the soundwaves hit the ear canals, pure happiness is produced together with enjoyment and meditation.

This happened to me when I by coincidence came in contact with the music of Yazzman. The guy also has a wonderful sense of humour.

He writes about himself:
“I have played piano since high school, I played electric organ before that. Got hooked on jazz in junior high school, and with the Hammond organ at folk school. Founder of Emergency, Big Organ Community and New Standards Orchestra.”

Listen and download:

I Have a Dream

“I made this song and recorded it together with Pontus Torstensson and Ola Hedman in Arvika 2002. The sound engineer is Martin Berggren. It’s mainly because of him that it sounds so good”

Martin Berggren’s home page



“This song was recorded together with the same people as the other one, but it is Lars Danielsson who has written Hymn”

Good music works and shapes the soul, and whirls around like laughing bubbles in the blood stream.

And the music of Yazzman is whirling around inside of me right now.

Here you can listen to Big Organ Community on

Here you can taste New Standards Orchestra.

and here you have Yazzman himself on

Salma Gandhi

August 23, 2008 at 1:57 pm

I’m sitting down with my headphones on, but I feel that I just want to get up and drift away doing some unknown dance! I want to be Travolta, but can only see myself as Uma Thurman???!!!…strange! I realize that the supercool Malmö band Salma Ghandi (just look at the name!) would fit in any Tarantino movie.

I’m sorry to say that I seldom listen to instrumental music, but when this psychedelic jazz-rock goes on and on, I just feel pure joy!
As a hot tip I can tell you that right now, Salma Ghandi is in the studio, producing a full length album. Exactly how they will realease it, is, according to the bass player Alex, not yet decided….but…how about releasing it as a free download!?

For updates about this, check out Salma Ghandi on Myspace.

Listen and download:
Loathing On the Misty Mescalin
Salma Hayek’s Delayed Nipple

Keep cool,

(translated by Pär/Blindmen)

Frida Sundemo

August 13, 2008 at 1:16 am

An intense workday, where my brain was in charge, was coming to an end as I started browsing Myspace, listening to my favorite musicians. When I came to Frida Sundemo my brain finally came to rest and an inner peace took place. I’ve been listening to “End of day” and I feel happy.

Frida Sundemo is a Singer/Songwriter that has a very personal sound. With beautiful melodies, a touch of jazz and her soothing voice, she reaches into my soul.

Frida on Myspace

A few songs to enjoy:
End of day
Everything is changed
Smile of a betrayer

Keep cool,

(translated by Angelica)

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