Cassius Lambert – “Orangeri” EP

November 28, 2014 at 1:18 pm

Cassius Lambert

We’ve met Cassius Lambert before as a bass player in the band Funked Up. During the Autumn he has left the band, though, to take care of his solo debut, the EP “Orangeri”. On the EP he’s joined by a number of musicians like for example Lelo Nika jr on accordion, Ludvig Samuelsson on alto saxophone and Arvid Ingvarsson on drums, to mention a few. There are three instrumental tracks on the EP, where he still has a few toes left in the seventies’ funk, but then in a blend of various genres which makes me think of fusionjazz from the seventies. It’s an impressive start of his solo project by this young musician, who also writes that an album is coming up in Spring. Here are two of the songs:

Cassius Lambert på Facebookpå Spotifypå Soundcloud

Siri Karlsson – “När mörkret faller”

November 21, 2014 at 4:14 pm

Siri Karlsson

Despite the name Siri Karlsson is a duo, Maria Arnqvist & Cecilia Österholm, who, together with guest musicians, experiment with contemporary folk music. A new album, “Lost Colony”, is coming up in February next year and they write that they are slowly leaving the folk music, and instead approaching a mix of  drone, psychadelia and proggressive music reminiscent of haunted woods and dead swamps. The song “När mörkret faller” is a first taste of this, a song which opens with a seductive ambience with a mantra-like repetion which is then followed by dazzling, beautiful folk jazz and finally ends in an inferno of sound. The video is directed by Anna Erlandsson and Staffan Erlandsson. Background and animation by Victoria Ercin.

Siri Karlsson’s site – on Facebookon Spotifyon Wimp

Catching up – Pop from Stars In Coma, Nuoli, Beatrice Eli and more

June 16, 2014 at 4:32 pm
Stars In Coma

Stars In Coma

Stars In Coma – “The Confessional Sun” – album

In March I hinted about Stars In Coma’s new album “The Confessional Sun”, which was subsequently released on the 30th of April. The basis of the album is front man Andre Brorsson’s mourning process after his father’s death in 2012. He throws himself into the music from the seventies and the eighties, into the music his father played for him. He takes on progg, pop, soul from his very own angels and lands with a fascinating album. Here are two of my favourites:

Nuoli – “My Curse Is My Mind”

Here’s Nuoli’s debut single from earlier this Spring, “My Curse Is My Mind”:

Jack Moy & Glöden – “Charlies Bird”

Jack Moy & Glöden’s latest single “Charlies Bird” visualised in a 48h sightseeing in Budapest:

Beatrice Eli  – “Girls”

Great single and video from Beatrice Eli:

Jonay – “On the Beach”

Jonay has managed with the achievment of joining Vine clips from more than 200 contributors into a text-illustrative music video. He claims it’s the world’s first Vine music video. Cool song too.

Miryam Solomon – “Evergreen” – EP

Miryam Solomon left Malmö for London and released her debut EP “Evergreen” this Spring. It’s  jazz and world music with soul, folk and pop vibes. Wonderful music, wonderful voice. Here are two songs:

Waitress – “Young In Mind”

Here are the first two singles from the Danish-Swedish trio Waitress. Indie pop with vibes of Phoenix and MGMT.

moodblanc – “Something”

The Duon moodblanc, hailing from Göteborg andTrollhättan, with their latest, eighties-soul-sounding single “Something”. The song is also chapter 5 in a love story that takes place on the French Riviera. You can read and listen to the story from the beginning on their site.

Indie, pop and jazz from Sigrin, Obsi and I Am Super Ape

April 7, 2014 at 5:54 pm
I Am Super Ape

I Am Super Ape

Sigrin – “Million Dots” – album

Sigrin is what Anna Hansson calls her solo project and recently she released the debut album “Million Dots”. It’s an album that moves somewhere between Americana-influenced singer/songwriter-pop and indie pop, full of beatiful melodies and a comfortable warmth. There’s a fine variation in the arrangements and also in the ambience as she balances between the light and the dark. A quite enjoyable album and an impressive debut. Here are two songs:

Obsi – “She Turns Around”

Obsi is a new band from Göteborg with members from Lo Fi Funk, Augustifamiljen, Lucknow Pact and Fibes Oh Fibes. “She Turns Around” is the name of their debut single, a song that breathes of bossa jazz and a dose of indie. Here it is in a video created with clips from Jiří Trnkas “Ruka” and Eartha Kitt’s video for the turkish folk song “Uska Dara”.

I Am Super Ape – “Animals”

It’s been two years since I wrote about I Am Super Ape, hailing from Malmö. Here they are again in this colourful single and video, “Animals”. The video is produced and directed by Jakob Skote.

Pop, soul and night escapades with Slow Show, Natten, The Mondanes, Colleagues and Ronnie

March 31, 2014 at 4:20 pm
The Mondanes

The Mondanes

Slow Show – “Nowhere”

A couple of days ago the indiepop duo Slow Show released the energetic and uplifting song “Nowhere”. The song is a remake of an earlier version from 2010, and was recorded together with eight other new songs in August last year.

Natten – “Omen” – EP

I wrote about the quartet Natten in the Autumn. Now they are back with new instrumental night escapades on the new EP “Omen”. With their mix of jazz, electronica and other influences they have carved out their own unique style, their own ambience, which I recognize when I listen. Imaginative and sometimes with a filmic vibe. Listen to the EP here:

The Mondanes – “Silver Spoon (live session)”

The Mondanes is a new quitet hailing from Göteborg. Here they are with the song “Silver Spoon” in a nice Byrds-vibing live session.

Colleagues – “Tears”

The band Colleagues doesn’t exactly pour out songs on the market, even though they have received quite some attention from the two songs they have released so far. “Parent’s House” came out in the Autumn 2012 which was followed by the music video “Visits” a year ago, and now the song “Tears” with an exuberant electro-indiepop.

Ronnie – “Angels”

You may have heard Ronnie Hagstedt before in the house duo The Lab Wizard or as the singer in the hard rock band Optimystical. On the new solo single “Angels” he also shows us that he’s got some soul vibes in his great voice, in a song that feels like classic souldisco in a modern costume.

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