Laakso – “So Happy, So Sad”

February 5, 2016 at 5:55 pm


Last year Laakso, with Markus Krunegård at the front, came back with a new single after years of silence. Heading towards their fifth album they are releasing another single today, “So Happy, So Sad”, a great tune which breathes of Swedish melodic indiepop from afar. It’s a wonderful light, airy indie sound with a dash of soul, and a song which catches on at the first listen. A song which makes me so happy. The album “Grateful Dead” is coming up on the 22nd of April.

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In elektronic spaces with Eko, SQRD, Saliko and Genius

December 17, 2015 at 7:06 pm


Eko – “Ekonomusik” EP

The two musicians Gustaf Nygren (Trädet, Sounds of Nonno) and Oscar Björk (Velu Leka), hailing from Stockholm, have created the new project Eko together. Last month they released the debut EP “Ekonomusik”, an EP they describe as “an ambient half hour in three pieces with a hope of larger forests and less borders.” And the hope is very much alive in this bright and beautiful music, which is glimmering from the meeting between electronic, imaginative spaces and electric guitar sounds. There is a sense of nature lyric in the music, which reminds me of some of Björn J:son Lindh’s records, in the grandness and in the stroke of nordic melancholy. Here’s one of the three tracks.

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SQRD – “Keep Saying” EP

SQRD is an artist from Uppsala who moved to Berlin to focus on music full time. And with his exciting debut EP “Keep Saying” he fits perfectly in the city’s creative electronica scene. This feels unique and interesting where he express experimental ambitions as well as catchy hooks. Here’s the title track from the EP.

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Saliko – “I Laid Myself Down Like a Temple Ruin”

Behind the artist name Saliko we find Emanuel Tägil, an artist who has played with various bands before, but who decided two and a half year ago to go his own way. The album “I Laid Myself Down Like a Temple Ruin” was released on Sunday and is his debut. He says that he wants to express his musical identity by mining everything that has inspired him during the years. To take in everything from black metal to church music and computer games and try to find some common ground where all this meet. It is a fascinating journey which is impossible to characterize in a genre and where he uses an analogue synth, acoustic instruments, percussion, sampled sounds from nature, drum machines and vocals. He defies common song structures and is moving somewhere between art music and pop where I can hear ambiences from church music, ageless folk music, 80’s new wave and minimalism. Here are two songs to taste.

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Genius – “Floating On Air (Tribute To Etienne Cap)”

The French electronica project Genius has an ongoing series of songs called “Point of View” where they make tributes to all the geniuses that has inspired them. They have released reworks and interpretations of songs from artists like Roy Ayers, Dusty Springfield and Herbie Hancock before. Here is their latest creation with the relatively unknown Etienne Petrus V. Cap in the center of attention. Etienne Cap was a Belgian soul and funk musician, first of all a trumpet player, who played with Max Greger orchestra and James Last among others.

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Monday pop with Tiger Lou, Pretties For You and Violet Days

December 14, 2015 at 5:46 pm
Violet Days

Violet Days

Tiger Lou – “California Hauling” EP

After a break since 2009 Tiger Lou popped up a again a year ago with the single “Homecoming #2“. This Autumn they have followed up with the EP “California Hauling”, aiming for a full length album next year. It’s a most welcome comeback where they sooth our ear canals and embed us all in a warm Autumn blanket with their new sound. Here’s the title track of the EP:

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Pretties For You – “Heart”

Another band that I’m happy to hear more from is Pretties For You, hailing from Göteborg. Last year they released the debut album “We Have Our Reasons” and now in the Autumn they continued with the two-track single “Heart”. Here’s the title song, a sweet 80’s-vibing song with synthpop disco and a wonderful, dramatic expression from singer Martina Forsgren.

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Violet Days – “Screaming Colors”

Their single “So Dope” from earlier this year, was quite a hit on the net and now they have followed up with the single “Screaming Colors”, which you can listen to here below. It’s a piece of catchy, almost bombastic pop which the singer Lina Hansson describes as “the feeling when you realize that you gotta break out of that darkness inside of your head and actually open up your eyes and look around you.”.

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Video Thursday

December 10, 2015 at 8:15 pm


Mind – “Song of Circles”

The band Mind, hailing from Malmö, have made their debut with this cool song and video, “Song of Circles”. Ola Salo and Jens Andersson have produced the song and the video was directed by Lena Shkoda in Kiev, Ukraine.

Mind on Facebook


Postiljonen – “The Open Road”

I believe many are looking forward to Postiljonen’s second album, “Reverie”. It’s scheduled to be released on the 19th of February next year, and here they are with another taste from the album.

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Solblomma – “Bridgemaster”

Solblomma has stepped out of the electro pop for a moment with this sweet piano ballad, where the bridgemaster gets some company in his solitude.

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Maria Hazell – “Golden Boy”

Maria Hazell made her debut last year with the single “Say It Like You Mean It”, a song that has been spun more one and a half million times on Spotify and also gave her a nomination as “Rookie Artist of the Year” on The Dennis Pop Awards. Recently she released the single “Golden Boy” along with this video.

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Navelin – “Daydream”

Navelin has taken the song “Daydream from their new EP “Side One” and supplied it with an animated music video. The video was created by Michael Zauner, who earlier has worked with artists like Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala among others.

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The Honey Ants – “Lies”

The London duo Honey Ants has released the single “Lies” with an accompanying music video. It’s a great video with a story to their Americana-vibing song, taken from their debut EP “EP1”.

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Bird – “Thrill Me”

Bird has released the album “Figments of Our Imagination”, an album produced by the Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey and where Bird plays all the instruments on the album. “Thrill Me” is one of the songs from the record that has been accompanied by a music video, a song with a nice tension in a lo-fi-sounding verse which bursts open in a sweet pop chorus.

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Nomad – “Fakka Me Mej”

The rapper Nomad, hailing from Lund is underway with his debut EP and has released the single “Fakka Me Mej” as a first taste. It’s an ambitious video which almost feels like an action movie trailer, an outburst from a song with a style he calls punk trap.

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Daniel Ögren – “Mountains”

December 10, 2015 at 3:32 pm

Daniel Ögren

Daniel Ögren has been a part of many different projects and he has accompanied a number of artists, among them Anna von Hausswolff, Anna Järvinen, Daniel Johnston and Nils Berg. He also keeps a solo career running, where he has released four previous albums and has just released the fifth one, “Mountain”.

“Mountain” is the most unconventionally fascinating album I’ve heard this year. It’s all instrumental and draws inspiration from a wide register of genres, from indierock to jazz and classical film music, although I can often sense a base in progressive rock or jazz rock. Here the raw, brutally sweet coexist with the breathtakingly beautiful as he plays guitars that remind me of everything from an unpolished Reeves Gabrels to Schaffer’s airy spaces. Here are three tracks that give a hint of the album’s range and beauty.

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