Jade Ell – “The Riddle” (feat. Stefany June)

August 29, 2016 at 5:44 pm

Jade Ell

When Jade Ell looked through the belongings her biological mother left behind, a mother she didn’t grew up with, she found a note which read: “Buy her an accordion – I think she wants to play…”. Many years later after the note was written, Jade had bought not just one accordion but several, and it was through some tones on the accordion the idea to her new single “The Riddle” was born. Rather fitting the song is about life as a riddle, a mystery we’re trying to solve where the solution inevitably escapes us by urging us out on new unknown journeys all the time.

And the song also serves some mystique in a suggestive, dreamy atmosphere emphasized by Stefany June’ reading of the lyrics while Jade’s vocals turns into a reinforced echo of the internal monologue. The song is fringed with dark synth lines, sunny strings and dramatic toms, but there is also a feeling that remains unresolved all through the track, which pushes us towards upcoming events, like in a soundtrack. And that goes hand in hand with her intention of the forthcoming tracks, which she describes as various scenes from her life, where this song sets the ambience.

Jade Ell has earlier released three solo albums and has been involved in several projects, both as a songwriter and as an artist. She is also the singer in the art rock band Xanima which I have written about before.

Jade Ell’s site – on Facebookon Spotifyon Apple Music

Rooni – “Who You Are”

August 26, 2016 at 4:11 pm


After a long summer break I thought I should kickstart my season with the new single from the powerpop trio Rooni, “Who You are”. They surprise me with a more spacious and more polished sound than before, where glittering acoustic guitars set the mood in the song. Sometimes Tom Petty feels close, but here are also strokes of the sixties and indiepop from the nineties. They say that half the budget was spent on the recording and the other half on pancakes with strawberry jam, so the music video had to be produced with the little resources that remained. The single is the first one in a series of three, to be released this Autumn.

Rooni’s site – on Facebook – on Spotify – on Apple Music

Ærheart feat. Bränderna – “Det Liv Jag Älskar”

June 20, 2016 at 4:46 pm


In his solo project Ærheart Jonas Linngård has released a new version of the song “Det liv jag älskar”, originally recorded by Perssons Pack. In his hands the song moves to a quite different atmosphere as he wraps a electronic haze of beautiful melancholy around us. And when Bränderna adds his sensitive and fragile vocals to the track it becomes a heartbreaking experience.

Earlier this year Ærheart also released the single “Howl”. Again he shows us a soft melancholy and another interesting voice in Naphta Sings. It’s a fascinating song with a catchy melodic line that runs through the entire song in different incarnations, in the intro, in the verse melody and in the chorus, repeating without feeling repetivite.

Ærheart on Facebook – on Spotify – on Apple Music

Juka Soma & The Future of Chemistry – “Wild Rover”

June 15, 2016 at 5:04 pm

Juka Soma & The Future of Chemistry

Juka Soma & The Future of Chemistry open the door to their new EP with the single “Wild Rover”. The quartet Juka Soma, Nike Markelius, Anna Wallander and Joel Igor Hammad serve a wonderful glammy rock energy which makes me longing for more. Juka Soma is a fantastic song writer and one of my favorite rock voices, and here he’s set the scene for a track that fits the band perfectly with heavy beats, contagious melodies and pure rock’n’roll vibes. If you want to listen to more from the band while waiting for the EP, I can recommend the debut album which was released one and a half year ago.

Juka Soma & The Future of Chemistry on Facebookon Spotifyon Apple Music

Mankku [mancko] – “En riktig j-a smäll”

June 15, 2016 at 2:05 pm


Mankku’s electronica escapades in the Autumn apparently inspired him to continue using synthetic colours. On the new single “En riktig j-a smäll” he’s added 80’s-vibing synths and shades of new wave on a great track seasoned with a smooth saxophone and a dramatic story. And few can tell a story with the same empasis as Mankku. We’ve heard the song before in a naked, acoustic interpretation when he released songs from live sessions he recorded in Oslo, but now it’s reappeared in a more dense version, which also gives a hint about where his upcoming album in the Autumn will land.

Mankku [mancko]’s site – on Facebook – on Spotify – on Apple Music

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