The Spiritual Negroes

October 19, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Spiritual NegroesThe Spiritual Negroes are Kiki and Jovo and they started out in 2003. They call themselves a lo-fi duo that play everything from indie rock to pop on toy instruments.

And, undeniably, they have a great musical fantasy. It’s fun to listen to their work, as I’m always wrong about where they will land in the next song. From a driven guitar rock to synth pop to blues, all the time with that touch of playfulness. And it’s also shown in the lyrics where serious subjects are treated next to playful samples.

Visit their site site to listen and download more songs. You’ll find three EP:s, “It’s All Good”, “Secret Fur” and “Spit It Out”. If you’d like to hold a record in your hand, you can visit their shop and order them for quite reasonable prices.
Right now, they are recording new songs to be released in a little while.

Here you can listen to three tracks from their latest EP “It’s All Good”:

These Days
It’s Because I’m Happy That I’m Sad

They also have a Myspace page

Tobias Alba

October 15, 2008 at 2:00 pm

Tobias AlbaI am fascinated by all artists that succeed in creating their own space for their music in this ocean of music that surrounds us. A small space that, when you hear a song, makes you instantly know who’s made it. Sometimes it is a distinct voice or a specific way of phrasing/singing that does it, sometimes it is a distinct sound or way of arranging and sometimes it’s a specific touch of composing, and so on. And sometimes it is all those things in combination.

Such an artist is Tobias Alba. Perhaps it is his special sense of melody that protrudes in both verse and choruses – that have the hooks to cling in your mind – and in sweet melodies, harmonies and simple riffs. Or perhaps it’s all about his way of singing in an almost careful and tentative way – soft, warm and intimate. Or perhaps it’s all about the arrangements, which are rather naked and where the acoustic meets the electronic in a mix that conveys a special feeling. A slightly melancholic, but still warm, feeling.

You decide – listen and download three of his songs here:

In the City
Lucky nr 13
A Soul For Sale

Visit Tobias Alba on Myspace


October 11, 2008 at 12:00 pm

ValutanThe Malmö duo Valutan has recently released their debut album “Blame the Voters” (Pitch9). The album, which could be described as indie-electronica, is about sex, death and taxes, according to the band.

They paint an interesting atmospheric sound landscape, but at the same time a little freightening and cynical. I find myself walking through the hollow, empty streets of a big city lined with glassed “corporate” buildings and futuristic constructions, with threating subtexts that emanates from these buildings. Told with distanced, neutral vocals and nice melodies.

They have released the entire album free for download on Pitch9’s home page.

Taste a few songs:

Bright Lights, Big City
What’s Your PPP

Visit Valutan, listen and tell them what you think:

Valutan on Myspace

Valutan on

Sleazy Romance

October 10, 2008 at 2:51 am

The two brothers Bernövall was bored out on the Uppsala plains. So they started a band, Sleazy Romance. Just like that.

And yes, it turned into something special. As some kind of softer Jesus & Mary Chain. Unruly vocals, beautifully fragile, on top of guitar carpets that fill the entire room, but with nice dynamics in between. And, in all of this, good melodies.

Sleazy Romance is about to record their debut album. It’s planned to be released in the beginning of next year, so, until then, spread the word and the songs below. The track “Emilie Scott” will appear in a new version on the upcoming album.


Middleclass Love
Emily Scott

Visit Sleazy Romance on Myspace

The Shy Lads

October 9, 2008 at 3:35 am

The Shy LadsThere’s no doubt that The Shy Lads are inspired by Oasis. The singer, Dennis, also has a nice crunch in his voice and that cocky tone that reminds a bit of mr L. Gallagher. But after a few songs they surprised me with showing up a broader style range of good songs, where the sixties is just as much a big influence, maybe then in the form of the Beatles rock songs. Listen to “Mr Policeman” below, and you’ll understand what I mean.

The peak for me is “Now” from their first EP (they have made two sofar). The song starts with a great intro hook, changes to a verse with a pumping bass and then explodes in a simple but just as effective chorus with frantic guitars. Really good!

Listen to some tracks:

Mr Policeman
Falling Overboard

Visit their home page where you can listen to and download the two EP:s and read their blog.

Of course they also have a Myspace page

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