October 28, 2008 at 1:00 pm

VadadiRobert Vadadi is the central character in this emo inspired band, and the debut album has just been released. Even if there are some models here, it feels like a very personal album, which Robert emphasizes with his special, almost whispering voice.

The music are sometimes a mellow pop/rock, with grand choruses and a driving beat, where the toms are worked hard. And in some songs it’s about more quiet thoughts with beautiful melodies. Mellow yes, but not as dark as thought from the start, rather a sense of hope beneath the surface, human and beautiful. Personal.

The album is available for purchase on the big net shops, and the best deal is with CDBaby, where it’s available for the neat price of 2.5 dollars. If you would like a CD, there is a special offer where Robert personally will deliver the record to your door for the price of 399 euros. (an offer you can’t refuse? :-))

Listen to and download two tracks from the album:

Forgive Me (feat Tess)

You can listen to the entire album on Lastfm
and Vadadi also has a Myspace page
Vadadis site

Sara Culler

October 26, 2008 at 1:00 am

Sara CullerSara Culler feels urgent in what she do. She resides there somewhere between sparkling lofi electronica and acoustic music with a lot of variation. There is a nice tension in her music and her voice maybe is the main instrument to create this feeling. It’s emotional and sometimes she breaks out in outbursts that remind me about Sinead O’Connor, which catch my attention even more.

Sara has released a number of EP:s before, and she is now working on a split EP together with her husband David Fridlund (David & the Citizens), to be released this autumn.

On Sara Cullers site you can listen to and download her music and buy her EP:s. Below you can listen to “Are You Sleeping” from the EP “Miss Takes – Light the Night!”, “At Least Like Melissa” from “wolflike they are” and a brilliant coven that breathes some life into Madonnas “Who’s That Girl?”

Are You Sleeping
At Least Like Melissa
Who’s That Girl?

Sara Culler is also on Myspace

Peter Dahlin

October 25, 2008 at 1:00 am

I think that we’ll be hearing about Peter Dahlin a lot more in the future. He presents a pleasant indie pop with strong melodies and on top of this his bright, sensitive voice. When I listen to his earlier EP “Out In the Snow” (Peter Dahlin and Sleeping Beauty, 2005), it reminds me a lot of the light and happy feeling from the music of Belle & Sebastian.

Underway is a split EP together with Thor Rutgersson, to be released in the first half of 2009. Another interesting project that Peter is involved in, is the live club MaydaySticky. He runs this together with Mattias Dristig since 2004, and it all takes place in Sticky Fingers in Göteborg. Once a month four independent artists performs, and the selection of artists is based on different themes for each club night.

Out In the Snow:

You can listen to two songs here, where “Det snurrar i min skalle” (a cover of a song by Familjen) is a collaboration with Annelie, whom we presented a few weeks ago here on Meadowmusic.

Chance to Dance
Det snurrar i min skalle

Visit Peter Dahlin on Myspace


October 22, 2008 at 1:27 pm


foto: My Magnusson

On Valborg 2008 (Walpurgis night, swedish festivity), I went to Brännestad in Skåne, together with my collective “Kärlek-Framför-Allt” (“Love-Before-Everything”). When we arrived we came to a barn were we met a lot of nice people and the collective that lives there and that was behind the party.

A murderous bus as the place to sleep, a robust underground gramophone that picked up sounds from the earth, a bubble machine, a tipi tent and of course chopped wood that later that night would burn in the bonfire, with a fire show and Timothy the clown. Up in the barn there was a big stage where bands like Pulejam would get people going and set the atmosphere. Another dancefloor beneath the stage, with crunchy electronica and an open stage for the perceptional jammer.

Right there on the open stage I met Miranda for the first time. Both of us just as affected by alcohol and ready to improvise together. The girl that threw up in the sauna when everyone else was asleep, was obviously a star.

Time passed and spring turned into summer. I could see her name booked on Malmöfestivalen, Vinylbaren, as a supporting act for Detektivbyrån on Smålands Nation. I managed to miss her on Malmöfestivalen as her concert boat left before the scheduled time, so I had to wait until the gig at Vinylbaren…

With purple walls and a red ceiling, the golden frame surrounds beautifully the canvas filled with artists like Tom Waits, The Stone Roses, Nick Cave and in a few years also Miranda. The place is quite small, more ungracefully narrow. I place myself next to some people that’s drinking the first beer of the evening. It’s only a quarter to eight, so I order a Staropramen, call Pär Berglund and tell him the good news that Nöjesguiden has published an article about our blog Real soon I am about to listen to the voice that has haunted my head and the song “Polly Pocket”, that runs in repeat ever since.

She arrives on stage together with her beautiful mother on cello, and a bunch of skilled musicians playing accordion, guitars, bass and glockenspiel. She has her arm in plaster and brings Boris, her alter ego mannequin, up on stage. The first tones and Vinylbaren calms down to witness Miranda’s voice and performance.

Amsterdam (live) (Jaques Brel)

Well, she’s not quite anonymous as Tore Johansson has his ears on her and is interested in a collaboration. Miranda has the most beautiful voice of Malmö and can become a Swedish Édit Piaf if she wants to and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you her age…

Polly Pocket
Duet With the Clown
While I Run

Miranda on Myspace

Youth and Student Travel

October 20, 2008 at 12:18 pm

Youth and Student TravelNo this is not a travelling agency I’m writing about today, it’s an interesting band that started out 2006 in Sandviken. They deliver a really nice indie pop and rock with a good sense of melodies and special vocals.

So far they have produced two EP:s: “Youth and Student Travel” and “Copy Me, Copy You”. Two records with quite different characters. The first one more wild, spontaneous and unpolished and the second one softer, thoughtful and with an ambience that reminds a little of the later Velvet Underground.

Here you’ll find three songs from the latest EP “Copy Me, Copy You”, an EP I think is brilliant and promises a lot for the future of the band. But don’t miss the other EP too, it’s really good and you can download both collections through their Myspace page.

Listen and download:

A New Love Found
Celebrity News
Copy Me, Copy You

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