Icke Lika Med

December 31, 2008 at 5:57 pm

As you have noticed, we have been away for a week here at Meadowmusic. So I thought that it was an excellent occasion today to start anew by wishing you all a happy new year, with music.

Thanks to everyone who read the blog and thank you for all support, all mail discussions and comments. I am looking forward to a new fantastic year in 2009, with a lot of new music, some of it to be presented here.

As an inspiration for the new year I thought that Icke Lika Med would be a perfect choice. Icke Lika Med, with front man Olle Torpman, is a band I really love; for the music, but also for being who they are. And something that I think we all could learn from Icke Lika Med is that they go their own way. In the middle of all the crisis and among herd-running finance sharks, I think it’s even more important to do that, to go your own way. Not somebody elses way, just your own.

And that is what Icke Lika Med does. By playing grunge in swedish, in their own way, and by trying to make this world a better place.

Besides the great music you can listen to here in this post, you can also visit Icke Lika Med’s site to listen more and download more songs.

Happy new year!

Det var jag (It was I):

Bättre (Better):

Det var jag
Banding & Shisha

Conny Welén

November 2, 2008 at 1:00 am

Conny WelénAfter many music adventures, Conny decided a couple of years ago to start writing music with lyrics in Swedish and in his own name. Since then he’s had a lot of success, especially on the net, but also on TV, radio and the many live gigs.

This is pop with seductive, mellow melodies, hard to neglect. It feels very personal and close and the lyrics invites you to identify yourself with the singer. I think one of the strengths with Conny’s songwriting is that he can describe the tough times in life without being pretentious or heavy; rather strong and natural. Well, judge for yourself and listen to two great songs below. (if you don’t know Swedish you can always write to Conny and ask him :-))

I take the opportunity here to create some publicity for the great live club Bara Unplugged in Stockholm, that Conny started a couple of years ago. Today he’s running this together with Olle Torpman (Icke Lika Med) and Ted Berggren. Every Wednesday, so if you’re in Stockholm, don’t miss it!

Visit Conny’s site to listen to more tracks.

Maskrosbarn (Dandelion Child)
Lämna mig ifred (Leave Me In Peace)

Johan “John-John” Paulson

August 22, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Johan Paulson, or John-John as he calls himself, is a fantastic person in many ways. Musically he is found, among other places, as a former member of the Swedish grunge band Icke Lika Med, he has played with Håkan Hellström and performed at “Allsång på Skansen” (an extremely popular music show on Swedish TV) with his father, Mats Paulson!
It is now time for his own solo project under his own name and his own record company De las mercedes recordings with experimental, electronica/ambient songs.

To listen to the songs is like talking to or meeting Johan, it calms you down, and provides a comfortable feeling of love and warmth.

Now, here’s your chance to meet Johan, through his music. Here are three downloadable songs, and you can find much more on his web sites.

Season of Hope
Goodnight Theme

Visit Johan:
De las Mercedes Recordings on Myspace
Johan on Myspace


(translated by Clint Hell)

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