Codespira1 – ”Artefact”

June 30, 2016 at 12:25 pm

This is the first post from our new co-worker on Meadowmusic, Stefan Klaverdal. He is going to write about electronica, minimalism, classical music and many other genres. Stefan is a Swedish composer and sound artist working with acoustic and electronic music, performance and interactive sound art. /Ed.

Rhythm, noise, glitch sounds, drones and bass are some the components of the sound on Codespira1’s album ”Artefact”. The music makes me associate to Ryoji Ikeda and electronic minimalism, but it’s quite dynamic and moves smoothly between different emotional states rather than punching you in the face. Some of the songs could very well fit on the dance floor and the final track, ”Artefact – On My Feet”, is like an electric guitar solo or a mystical abstract song. Music for both meditation and dancing, perhaps?

Codespira1 is Mattias Petersson’s alias as a solo artist (he’s also one half of the duo There are no more four seasons, if you missed them – look them up and listen!). ”Artifact” is his first release on the Dutch label Moving Furniture.

Node #1

Artifact – On My Feet

Codespira1’s site – on Facebook – on Bandcamp

I Am Trip – “As It Was”

December 2, 2011 at 3:31 pm

I Am Trip

I Am Trip is a music project created by Filip Forsström, who, on the EP “As It Was” serves experimental soundscapes where he mixes ambient, dub/step, glitch and IDM. Harmonic, soft sound spaces are broken up with chopped beats, “glitches” and sound figures which create a special atmosphere. It becomes an interesting work of sound art, which I imagine can give rise to very personal associations, which is also Filip’s objective with the project:

The project and it’s name stands for going on an inner journey and explore which places, experiences and emotions the music creates. It’s not about what the music whas meant as , it’s the individual experience that is the goal.

For me personally the character Trip is created. If Trip will join anyone else on their journey is entirely up to each and every one. And the personal interpretation is the focus of what the journey can become.

On I Am Trip’s site you can download the EP and you can also listen to the tracks on his Soundcloud page.

I Don’t Know

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