Dorlene Love

November 2, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Dorlene LoveHere’s a band that I think is simply irresistable. Punk rock, Balkan music, and well yes, other kinds of folk music too, is it possible to mix that? Yes, obviously!

The result, which you can listen to here below, is wild, wonderful, intense musical party. Yes, “Cool Cool Anarchy” as the band say it.

Earlier this year, they released their debut album “Exile Deluxe” (Birdnest Records). Listen more by visiting their site or their Myspace page.

Video to “Exile Deluxe”:

Exile Deluxe
Cool Cool Anarchy

Heart-Sick Groans

October 29, 2008 at 1:00 am

Heart-Sick GroansHere’s some music that hopefully puts you in a good mood. Don’t get fool by the name Heart-Sick Groans, because the ambience is just opposite of what could be expected. Fun.

This is happy indie pop with folk influences. Imaginative, playful and mostly acoustic arrangements, with a violin, with tasteful effects and nice harmonies that are laid out in the best Beautiful South manner.

Earlier this year they released the EP “Oh, I Can Do a Number of Things”, and you can listen to a song from the EP below, “The Season For Us”. Now they are recording some new material, from which you can listen to “Suddenly Molly” here.

The Season For Us
Suddenly Molly

Visit Heart-Sick Groans on Myspace

Other music sites and blogs about Heart-sick Groans: Swedesplease,, Pop Tarts Suck Toasted


October 22, 2008 at 12:57 am

AngelicaEven though I’m an old farm boy, she took my country virginity and gave me…a pair of Durango boots!

I wasn’t ready mentally yet but, physically more than ready that day, in april 2007, when she hi-jacked my ears. was the name of the site, “Off You Go” was the name of the song and this is what my review looked like then:

“Angelica R “off you go” 9 READY!
The intro! MASH 4077…wonderful, borrowed/stolen*
Voice and presence!!! Verse 1 + 2 sneak, tickle and move me!
Then, in chor.#2: the darkest piano I’ve heard in a long time…It sets a subtle, fateful & mellow but, in the context, an appropriate tone of the song. Chor: Not a vivid major lift! But then exactly what fits song/lyrics. The voice, as always, close and genuine! Prod: Can’t find any errors! Lyrics: Note made up in any case! Good! I am foremost curious about the continuation of the success story! /Janne”

Listen and download yourself now:

Off You Go

The title alone could have been (mis)understood as a revulsion directed at me, but my rock tinnitus only understood that it was a genre crossing ballad, a classic!
Already then I threw praises and cyber hugs at Angelica, because of her way of, both vocally and lyrically, managing/interpreting the feeling of abandonment that everyone/many try to describe but few succeeds in…
Now, I was stuck in the mud…
Step #2 became:

Walk Me Home

which is a more trad. country, sort of balladish, but with a Swedish southern slow groove. And just when I had learned my lesson on repeat, Angelica released her first song in Swedish “Ensam kvar” (“Left Alone”) which you hear at Angelica’s Myspace page

Angelica’s site
Angelica on Myspace

Second Hand Rumours

October 11, 2008 at 12:01 am

Second Hand RumoursI must say that I like Marcus Brännström’s voice in Second Hand Rumours, and his way of singing. A nice tone and a laidback, cool expression, somewhat similar to Chris Martin in Coldplay.

And I can sense the Coldplay influences in their music too, at least partly. It feels lighter though, the melancholy is not allowed to take over, and the acoustic guitar points in a different direction. They navigate very smoothly between this modern pop and their other sources of inspiration, from the americana and singer/songwriter genres and find their own way.

Here you can enjoy three tracks from their EP “So Many Steps”, which was released this summer:

Summernight Tune
Seven Years
Like a Dream Come True

If you like what you hear, I recommend a visit to the band’s web pages.
Listen more on Second Hand Rumours’ Myspace page.
And don’t forget to visit their blog.


October 7, 2008 at 10:00 am


photo – Rickard Almér

Illustrator- Jamin Pirnia

Already as a five year old she started to play, today educated on her violin and ready to release her debut-album. Sunesdotter is a like a force brought from the woods in the south, draped with “Näcken” as inspiration. Together with the producer Christopher Dominique whom have arranged and written many of the songs, they have now created a sound which lets the view become a
classic coniferous forest with treetops of solemn harmonies and a boost of dancing discoshoes.
What will happen next?
“This autumn I will take part of the club-world and come out and play. The concept is built on the disco-songs on the record. Jens and Jepson from The Ark will be DJ’s of a thing called “spacedisco” in a
Walter Murphy-style, and I will making a show with my songs sometime during the evening.
There will be cool dresses, a smoke-machine and a lot of disco going on…”

Earlier this spring she guested “Ride my wild heart”-boy Motoboy with her harmonies and soon
she’s gonna play in the clubs and watch people dance like obsessed to the sound of her violin.
It has been the dream of Sunesdotter since she was a kid, so the future looks bright with the newly produced album which is like a ticket to experience, places or just a way to meet new people.
I’m looking forward to her release the 4th of September at PlockePinn then with the cd in my hand, getting started with the song “Möllan Swing”, letting the hips trip on home across Möllevångstorget, whistling along dressed in a black tricot with Sunesdotter’s great music in my ears.

Listen and read more on her offical official home page
and visit Sunesdotter on Myspace



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