Agnes Mercedes

October 17, 2008 at 1:00 am

Agnes MercedesMusic+Play = Great creativity

I am in love. I fell head over heels for this sweet lady. My first thought was:
– What is this?
My second was:
– Geez, this is SOO cool!

This is truly creativity on a high level. Musical jumps, mixed with presentations of sounds that caresses and shakes you at the same time. Agnes’ ability to step outside the box entirely is admirable – to think that more artists would have that courage, and ability.

To me, Agnes’ music is a huge vitamin injection, a virtual “happy pill” that picks me up and makes me happy. Throw in Agnes in the Parliament and make all politicians happy – her love of sounds and words inspire and is truly contagious! A true and great artist.

She describes herself like this:

“I usually perform with a sort of melodic fairy tales, told in the made up language “sprak”. This language is a mixture of forgotten dialects. Words with a bitter, sweet and sometimes salty aftertaste. All within a frame of “sprinkle soundscape”. To abeat of percussion-like piano playing.

Here’s the place to download two of her creations:

Freezie Froze

Curious? Hear more? Visit Agnes Mercedes on Myspace

Want to know more about her? Go to her web site Ordfrosseri (in swedish)

In the Labyrinth

September 26, 2008 at 8:00 am

In the Labyrinth, Peter LindahlIn the Labyrinth is the multi-instrumentalist Peter Lindahl, who paints new musical landscapes, together with visiting friends.

The first thing that struck me when I listened, was a fantasy feeling, where some tracks could fit into many movies of this genre. And I got extra inspiration from the beautiful album paintings (painted by Peter Lindahl).

The music is also made with a lot of musical fantasy, and the influences are many. Sometimes I sense the early Pink Floyd, and many times Mike Oldfield. Otherwise, the most remarkable influence is the oriental flavour. Oriental scales are woven very skilfully and nice together with everything else and the sitar gives a beautiful colour to the music.

The Artist Dance of the Witches

“Dryad” (Record Heaven) ) is the latest and the third album from In the Labyrinth. You can listen to three songs from the album here. Welcome into the labyrinth!

Lost In the Woods (plus Intro)
Night of the Baskerville Killer
Out of This Maze

Visit Peter Lindahl’s home page, listen, download songs and buy the albums “Dryad”, “Walking on Clouds” and “Garden of Mysteries”

and his Myspace page


September 22, 2008 at 8:00 am


Around 1995 Carl Nordström started to play with music software and synths. After experimenting for a while through techno, house, drum n bass, hip hop, he finally found his own sound expression and the road that awaited for him.
Affictionados, like sub-tunnel beats, swept in city noise and that could have been created from the concrete from the big city.

The songs have a common melancholy that may be compared to The Cure dressed as Elvis Costello. A dark, heavy experimenting electronica vs hip hop brings me to the depth of what is expected from a beat maker. Carl has worked through the album “Affictionados” with the production and the arrangements. But the real spin is guest plays from musicians and artists from all over the world, like Kissey Asplund, Séamus, Crippual, Tessa Saxell and Torin Williams.
Download the entire album >>Here! (for free!)

I’m really turned on with the opening song, “Baby”, with a delayed drum loop that stands out in the the hip hop sampler arena. The songs shift, change and swap strategies; never far away from the main theme, but all the time innovative and lead to
The door of the lounge bar with the song “Always and Always”, considering a more monotone way of walking, to be in the background, sitting in the sofa and the closing time for the bar. But something happens as Kissey Asplund starts to sing about 2:43 in the song. A fresh warm tone that colours the arrangement mustard yellow. She is good! Really good!

What are you working with now?
“Today Affictionados stands for itself like a project where I have worked with a number of different styles, that I can’t name anything else than “beats”. I sample all kind of music I find and that I feel have that extra special, and I put it together into something that I would like to call my own.
Right now, I’m working with a record that’s hopefully finished by the end of the year. Besides that I’m turning records at CAFÈ RASOIR in Malmö with a DJ-crew called OH NO, NO DECKS.”

In my opinion Carl is a fantastic producer that’s ahead of his time. I’m looking forward to what’s being melded together for the years to come.


Always and always ft Kissey Asplund

Affictionados on Myspace

Affictionados’ home page

Johan “John-John” Paulson

August 22, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Johan Paulson, or John-John as he calls himself, is a fantastic person in many ways. Musically he is found, among other places, as a former member of the Swedish grunge band Icke Lika Med, he has played with Håkan Hellström and performed at “Allsång på Skansen” (an extremely popular music show on Swedish TV) with his father, Mats Paulson!
It is now time for his own solo project under his own name and his own record company De las mercedes recordings with experimental, electronica/ambient songs.

To listen to the songs is like talking to or meeting Johan, it calms you down, and provides a comfortable feeling of love and warmth.

Now, here’s your chance to meet Johan, through his music. Here are three downloadable songs, and you can find much more on his web sites.

Season of Hope
Goodnight Theme

Visit Johan:
De las Mercedes Recordings on Myspace
Johan on Myspace


(translated by Clint Hell)

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