October 7, 2008 at 2:08 am

AnnelieTough chick in electronic disguise

I would like to introduce Annelie. Her song “Fine” has been played a lot on my speakers these last weeks.

She sings and creates with such soul that I get overjoyed. It’s an artist that completely walks her own path and writes from outside herself and her innerness.

This is what she thinks about her creative process:

“My recordings are made in my home-made studio, and it is only my technical skills and eventually boundaries that controls, in other words I like to try everything!
Except playing piano and percussion, I also play litte bit of drums, bass and guitar.
I record and create beats with samples and my own recorded sounds.
Playing the piano and writing songs, frequently goes hand in hand, but I also write songs separately and make the instrumental settings and arrangements apart from the textwriting.
Well, that was some info about the creative process…”

She has been well noticed werever she has shown up, for example in TV4 morgon, she has been played in P3 and won a guitar by becoming the artist of the week at

This 21 year old doesn’t avoid collaborations that seems really exciting, such as the project “Conrad” which you can listen to at Allears. ( is announced  to be shutdown this week)

Annelie continues:

“Regarding collaboration partners I have links and information about them on my homepage (myspace-adresses and so on) – feel free to check them out!!
I’ve had a collaboration that’s now on hold but anyway, it’s an electronica project under the name “Conrad”. I’m also part of a remix project with a producer/dj who has made
2 new versions of 2 of my songs. We call ourselves “Treatment”.
If you like to know more about me there is a Myspace page too:Annelie på Myspace

Listen and enjoy:


Believe my words, this lady we’ll be hearing a lot from in the future. Driven with a huge talent according to me. Annelie finishes off with:

“I’ve got a band to play with, and we have gigs but more gigs are wanted!!”

Karin Ström

October 6, 2008 at 4:00 pm

Karin StrömKarin Ström has managed to achieve quite a lot in her life. She has written two books, “Bensin” (“Gasoline”) and “Feber” (“Fever”), worked as a journalist on Svenska Dagbladet, Elle and a few more and also been dumped by a record label!
I don’t know if it’s because of these experiences or if it’s due to the fact that she has been living in London and Los Angeles or simply that she is just fantastic, that makes the music sound exciting, vibrant and very international.

It’s like a mixture of Irma Schultz and New Order, or Eva Dahlgren and Pet shop boys or…, ah it sounds like the panning synth melodies goes like pin balls in my head with Karin’s soft, but distinct voice caressing the music.

Karin has made a remix together with the Malmö guy Miki, , the captain, which is performed by Miki with his typical, kind of aristocratic skånska (dialect in Skåne, in the south of Sweden)

Listen and download the music:
Kaptenen Datadamen remix
Silent Night

Visit Karin:
Karin Ström on Myspace
Karin Ström’s official home page

Keep cool,

Siren On

October 1, 2008 at 8:00 am

Jonna Enckell, Siren OnJonna Enckell, singer in Project Hate MCMXCIX, has released her solo debut album “Siren On” under the same name as the title. And she has travelled far from the death metal areas where her band resides.

This is music made of far softer tones. It is a grand, piano-based music, with classical influences and bordering territories where Sarah Brightman has been the queen for quite some time.

Jonna has a very beautiful voice and it is very easy to dream yourself away to the melancholic melodies. I get images of vast landscapes, maybe of green Irish hills or the whipping waves against high cliffs, and I feel that this might as well be the soundtrack to a big epic movie.

Here you have four beautiful pieces to take in, listen to and download:

Purple Heart
The Gift

Visit Siren On and Jonna on her home page
and on Myspace


September 22, 2008 at 8:00 am


Around 1995 Carl Nordström started to play with music software and synths. After experimenting for a while through techno, house, drum n bass, hip hop, he finally found his own sound expression and the road that awaited for him.
Affictionados, like sub-tunnel beats, swept in city noise and that could have been created from the concrete from the big city.

The songs have a common melancholy that may be compared to The Cure dressed as Elvis Costello. A dark, heavy experimenting electronica vs hip hop brings me to the depth of what is expected from a beat maker. Carl has worked through the album “Affictionados” with the production and the arrangements. But the real spin is guest plays from musicians and artists from all over the world, like Kissey Asplund, Séamus, Crippual, Tessa Saxell and Torin Williams.
Download the entire album >>Here! (for free!)

I’m really turned on with the opening song, “Baby”, with a delayed drum loop that stands out in the the hip hop sampler arena. The songs shift, change and swap strategies; never far away from the main theme, but all the time innovative and lead to
The door of the lounge bar with the song “Always and Always”, considering a more monotone way of walking, to be in the background, sitting in the sofa and the closing time for the bar. But something happens as Kissey Asplund starts to sing about 2:43 in the song. A fresh warm tone that colours the arrangement mustard yellow. She is good! Really good!

What are you working with now?
“Today Affictionados stands for itself like a project where I have worked with a number of different styles, that I can’t name anything else than “beats”. I sample all kind of music I find and that I feel have that extra special, and I put it together into something that I would like to call my own.
Right now, I’m working with a record that’s hopefully finished by the end of the year. Besides that I’m turning records at CAFÈ RASOIR in Malmö with a DJ-crew called OH NO, NO DECKS.”

In my opinion Carl is a fantastic producer that’s ahead of his time. I’m looking forward to what’s being melded together for the years to come.


Always and always ft Kissey Asplund

Affictionados on Myspace

Affictionados’ home page

The Deer Tracks

August 30, 2008 at 1:16 pm

The Deer Tracks started out as a studio project and a side project for the two members Elin Lindfors (Twiggy Frostbite) and David Lehnberg (Leiah, Ariel Kill Him). After a lot of attention on the net, they ended up playing on the Rookie festival in Hultsfred, and the project quickly evolved into something more serious. The 27th of august, they released their debut album “Aurora” on Despotz Records. This summer they have toured around Sweden, they have played at Hultsfredsfestivalen and are now on their way to scenes in London and Finland in the early autumn.

You can listen to and download two songs from the album below. It’s beautiful, it’s emotional, it’s playful and becomes almost epical when the songs reach the crescendo. The bright, fragile and almos hypnotical voice of Elin is beautifully complemented by David’s voice. “Slow Collision” catches my attention most, and it feels like the entire song is built upon a short and simple repeating melody, a melody that has a real hook and turns into a fanfare in the end of the song. Brilliant!
On their Myspace page you can listen more.  Visit also their remix page on Myspace.

Slow Collision
Yes, This Is My Broken Shield

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Slow Collision:

The video is built upon the paintings of the artist Scott Belcastro as you can read about here.

Also, checkout The Deer Tracks performing live at TV4.

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