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October 13, 2008 at 12:00 pm

ad diosI have listened to ad dios for more than ten years now, ever since I received the fantastic album “Ancient Landscapes”. I have used their music as some kind of resort now and then, away from a more stressful real landscape and into a musical bubble of peace and harmony.

ad dios is inspired by ancient cultures, preferably the celtic one, to create their atmospheric, melodic music. And sure, I can sense this inspiration, but a stronger feeling for me is the timelessness of it all that connects my inner peace with things that have always been.

ad dios is a duo from Lund with five albums in their discography. Four of them released by Theta Music. Their latest album is called “The Endless Knot” and you can listen to two tracks from the album below. Right now they are producing their upcoming album, with the work title “A Journey Through Middle Earth”, a musical journey inspired by “The Lord of the Rings”.

But behold, you Tolkien-fan, the ring is in safe hands. I can proudly present a track here from the new album, “Middle Earth”, so that you can get a taste for what the new album will sound like.

Lean back, relax, and enjoy:

The Endless Knot
Realm of Arawn
Middle Earth

Visit ad dios’ home page


October 13, 2008 at 3:36 am

JuxtaposeThe Malmö band Juxtapose consists of the two former members of Loud Silence, Simon Bengtsson and Henrik Nilsson.

Their music is a pop mixture with electronica influences. The songs don’t really have those catchy refrains, but the songs in themselves are nevertheless attractive. The music goes on in a nice melancholic groove, with relaxed, cool vocals, and I feel that I don’t want it to stop.

I wonder if the bass melody in “Ghost With a Pretty Face” isn’t inspired by White Stripes? ;-)

Here are three songs to listen to and download.

Ghost With a Pretty Face
Island Sounds
Is Your Love For Free

Visit the band:
Juxtapose on Myspace

Keep cool,

The New Heaven Dieppe

October 12, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Today I thought I could invite you to some electronica, The New Heaven Dieppe.
This is more like synth pop, even if they approach ambient in in some songs. My favourite is “Stop” which feels quite nostalgic with a wink at Human League. You can listen to “Stop” below, together with an instrumental song, “Sleepless Nights”. The band says that they are just about to record their first full length album.

Interestingly, the band is not only producing music, they also design and sells clothes. Visit their home page to see more.

Sleepless Nights

Visit The New Heaven Dieppe på Myspace


October 11, 2008 at 12:00 pm

ValutanThe Malmö duo Valutan has recently released their debut album “Blame the Voters” (Pitch9). The album, which could be described as indie-electronica, is about sex, death and taxes, according to the band.

They paint an interesting atmospheric sound landscape, but at the same time a little freightening and cynical. I find myself walking through the hollow, empty streets of a big city lined with glassed “corporate” buildings and futuristic constructions, with threating subtexts that emanates from these buildings. Told with distanced, neutral vocals and nice melodies.

They have released the entire album free for download on Pitch9’s home page.

Taste a few songs:

Bright Lights, Big City
What’s Your PPP

Visit Valutan, listen and tell them what you think:

Valutan on Myspace

Valutan on


October 7, 2008 at 10:00 am


photo – Rickard Almér

Illustrator- Jamin Pirnia

Already as a five year old she started to play, today educated on her violin and ready to release her debut-album. Sunesdotter is a like a force brought from the woods in the south, draped with “Näcken” as inspiration. Together with the producer Christopher Dominique whom have arranged and written many of the songs, they have now created a sound which lets the view become a
classic coniferous forest with treetops of solemn harmonies and a boost of dancing discoshoes.
What will happen next?
“This autumn I will take part of the club-world and come out and play. The concept is built on the disco-songs on the record. Jens and Jepson from The Ark will be DJ’s of a thing called “spacedisco” in a
Walter Murphy-style, and I will making a show with my songs sometime during the evening.
There will be cool dresses, a smoke-machine and a lot of disco going on…”

Earlier this spring she guested “Ride my wild heart”-boy Motoboy with her harmonies and soon
she’s gonna play in the clubs and watch people dance like obsessed to the sound of her violin.
It has been the dream of Sunesdotter since she was a kid, so the future looks bright with the newly produced album which is like a ticket to experience, places or just a way to meet new people.
I’m looking forward to her release the 4th of September at PlockePinn then with the cd in my hand, getting started with the song “Möllan Swing”, letting the hips trip on home across Möllevångstorget, whistling along dressed in a black tricot with Sunesdotter’s great music in my ears.

Listen and read more on her offical official home page
and visit Sunesdotter on Myspace



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