October 30, 2008 at 1:00 am

David StiernholmI like the analogy of composers painting with tones and harmonies, atmospheres, feelings and words. And if this is ever a true comparison to how a musician actually works, then it is with David Stiernholm’s project [Puie:]. His beautiful, acoustic, melodic ambient music is created from a belief in the spontaneous idea and he continues to paint with what he has at hand and what feels right.

This is how it’s described on Negative Sound Institute:
“Each piece on this release starts with a graphic idea, such as “what would it sound like if the soft oboe played a downward figure consisting of short notes, while the sharp nyckelharpa played a upward figure consisting of long notes bound together”. Then, David picks out some harmonies on the piano, just to have something to work with, like a handful of fixed colors with which to paint. He kick starts the motorcycle of creatitivity with the flailing boot of self-imposed boundaries. Then he proceeds to dismantle the boundaries and create new.”

Puie started as a collaboration with the designer Karin Gullbrantz in [Puie: Dsch], where they, in an iterative process, had images, structures and music inspire and affect one another all the way to a complete furniture design. The result was exhibited in april 2006 at Brand Design Center. You can read about, view and listen to this creative process on [Puie: Dsch]:s site, with comments by Karin and David on each step.

Another interesting collaboration is Ögonblick, where David works with Ken Peel.

Listen to three tracks with [Puie:]:

Jubel Tone
The Japanese Decision

Visit [Puie:] on Myspace and on the site
and on Negative Sound Institute, where you can also listen to and download the EP “Always-Ever”.

If you are interested in ambient and experimental music I recommend that you navigate through the artists on Negative Sound Institute. All the music there are released under a Creative Commons license, which means that you can download and share the music as much as you like, as long as it is under non-commercial circumstances.

Sara Culler

October 26, 2008 at 1:00 am

Sara CullerSara Culler feels urgent in what she do. She resides there somewhere between sparkling lofi electronica and acoustic music with a lot of variation. There is a nice tension in her music and her voice maybe is the main instrument to create this feeling. It’s emotional and sometimes she breaks out in outbursts that remind me about Sinead O’Connor, which catch my attention even more.

Sara has released a number of EP:s before, and she is now working on a split EP together with her husband David Fridlund (David & the Citizens), to be released this autumn.

On Sara Cullers site you can listen to and download her music and buy her EP:s. Below you can listen to “Are You Sleeping” from the EP “Miss Takes – Light the Night!”, “At Least Like Melissa” from “wolflike they are” and a brilliant coven that breathes some life into Madonnas “Who’s That Girl?”

Are You Sleeping
At Least Like Melissa
Who’s That Girl?

Sara Culler is also on Myspace

Jonas Wickman

October 23, 2008 at 1:00 am

BordunThe producer

Some people may know him as Jonas Wickman, others as Bordun. When I first came in contact with his music and his production, it was like living on a flat earth and suddenly realise that it’s actually a globe. Jonas’ strange sound landscapes and emotional dimensions, opened me up and confronted me. Maybe not so much the music itself, but the feelings that grew inside when I listened; I was at the same time freightened and fascinated.

And I believe this is Jonas’ strength; the buildup of emotional atmospheres. He says that he has been living on the so called soft side of life. Art, philosophy, food and pleasure. And of course also music! And it all adds up in some way here. It’s artistry in the shape of music.

I think that Jonas really shows how important the producer role is. To build these sound backgrounds and sceneries behind the artist. A good producer can lift a mediocre artist right up in the sky, but above all, a good producer makes the artist and the music come out.

Listen here to a collaboration between Aurgrunn, Miss Allena, and Jonas:


And another collaboration with the artist Tobbe Möller:


And here is a gem from his own works:

När kommer du igen

Last spring Jonas released an album, in a producer collaboration with Robert Wahlström/Jonas Färnlöv, called Umami (Plugged Records)

Among the participating artists were Freddie Wadling, Caroline af Ugglas, Desmond Foster, Ardis, Katarina Niklasson, Safiye Färnlöv, T-Root and Caroline Wennergren; artists that all share the same passion as the producer trio. That is, art and music.

Good In Colours:

Listen to Umami on Myspace and visit their site.

Buy the record on CDon and ITunes

The Spiritual Negroes

October 19, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Spiritual NegroesThe Spiritual Negroes are Kiki and Jovo and they started out in 2003. They call themselves a lo-fi duo that play everything from indie rock to pop on toy instruments.

And, undeniably, they have a great musical fantasy. It’s fun to listen to their work, as I’m always wrong about where they will land in the next song. From a driven guitar rock to synth pop to blues, all the time with that touch of playfulness. And it’s also shown in the lyrics where serious subjects are treated next to playful samples.

Visit their site site to listen and download more songs. You’ll find three EP:s, “It’s All Good”, “Secret Fur” and “Spit It Out”. If you’d like to hold a record in your hand, you can visit their shop and order them for quite reasonable prices.
Right now, they are recording new songs to be released in a little while.

Here you can listen to three tracks from their latest EP “It’s All Good”:

These Days
It’s Because I’m Happy That I’m Sad

They also have a Myspace page


October 14, 2008 at 10:10 am

AurgrunnThe word master

Hello all publishers! I SAID: -HELLO ALL PUBLISHERS!!!
You have missed a sweet little pea here. A lyricist of absolute world class. Niklas Aurgrunn is his name. Remember that name, or pick up the phone right now. I say it only once, read my lips: – Niklas Aurgrunn is one of the best Swedish lyricists.

In this post I will try to emphasise the importance of writing good lyrics. Many tries, some have the gift, and others like Niklas are outstanding. He’s not only shaping some words, ready for delivery. His words reaches a dimension within you didn’t know existed. He hits the target and twists and turns.
When you have finished listening, you are no longer the same person. A good text transforms the listener to new heights. You learn something from a good text. A good text is like the sun in the sky. It warms you and carry you on further.

A few words from the author himself:

“Maybe it sounds like and maybe it is some kind of self legitimising incantation, but I do like it when it sounds a little off pitch and off beat, when I have to strain my voice to go up, I even think it’s fun when have to violate the melody to be able to sing the piece, ‘cause it is like that and have always been like that – I’m not a singer by any definition and certainly not a musician, but it took me a few decades to learn to like what happens when I sit down and with a poor ear, tune in randomly, it’s the way it should be, at least it’s how I should be. And they are fantastic songs in any case…”

Listen to Aurgrunn’s “Gare de Lyon Blues”:

Gare de Lyon Blues

Aurgrunn has collaborated with a lot of musicians, among them Tobbe Möller, whom we wrote post about before.

Here is a taste from another interesting collaboration with Miss Allena, “Vind” (“Wind”):


And this is how powerful it can sound when the producer Jonas Wickman takes on Aurgrunns work in “Bil på berget” (“Car on the mountain”):

Bil på berget

Aurgrunn is also a frequent blogger and also the author of several books. Unfortunately only available in Swedish so far.

Visit Aurgrunn on Myspace
and Last.fm

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