Sol Skugga

December 10, 2008 at 3:06 pm

Sol SkuggaSol Wikström is Sol Skugga and has just released her new album “Gardenia”. And her name Sol Skugga (Sun Shadow) catches what I feel most strongly about in the music of “Gardenia: the contrasts. Between the beautiful and the disturbing, between the old and the new, between the grand and the low-voiced.

Overall it feels beautifully dark with Sol’s classical voice pouring like a clear trickle through the mellow ambience, whether it’s a folk-inspired piece or a more dense goth-inspired music. The electronica forms the base of the music, but a great interplay with foremost brilliant guitars and violins creates nice contrasts.

You should go and visit Sol Skugga’s site where you can listen to all the tracks of “Gardenia” and read more about her. Sol Skugga is also on Myspace.
Here you have the two first tracks from the album and the video for “Empty Street”.

Until Now


December 3, 2008 at 2:27 pm

ObliqObliq is an exciting band from Göteborg, and it’s rather hard to compare them directly with other bands. If I would try to describe them somehow I would say that it’s the melancholy from Kent that meets Radiohead with a little of Broder Daniel and upon this some electronica. The Radiohead -likeness is helped also by the similarities between the vocals of the singer Anders Lagerfors and Thom Yorke.
It’s dreamy and mellow, interesting melodies and songs that sometimes breaks out in grand Coldplay-like sceneries.

Last spring they released their debut album “Antenna” (Conelove Records, Thomason Sounds), from where the tracks below come. This autumn they have recorded a new single, produced by Matt Kent (Massive Attack, Neneh Cherry, Portishead et al) which will be released in February next year. And I’m happy to tell you that they have promised to share the single with us here at Meadowmusic when it’s ready. After the single release awaits a tour around Europe.

Among the Crowd:

Listen to and download two tracks from “Antenna”:

The Loneliest Figure
Who Feels?

Visit Obliq on Myspace to listen some more and Obliqs hemsida to read news about the band.


November 19, 2008 at 1:00 pm

EchodeckI feel rather limited in presenting Echodeck in a blog post. Their entire concept is built upon a total experience of sound and vision and also contains a large part of improvisation. I do feel, though, that the recordings they present gives an interesting insight into what they want to accomplish.

It’s about music that is built around an ambience where layer is built upon layer, often to an electronic beat. Melody passages is mixed with moments of pure ambience and sounds of normal instruments are interwoven with  electronic sounds.

It is very beautiful, and it would be very interesting to be able to see them live someday.
Enjoy two tracks with Echodeck:

Black Box

Visit Echodeck on Myspace


November 10, 2008 at 1:00 am

ArachnophobiasI really should be the wrong person to write this post. Because, if I identified myself with anything in the eighties, it sure wasn’t synth pop. On the contrary I mostly found myself on the other side in the discussions that broke out frequently in the group of friends. Discussions that often was about the question if “real” music demanded “real” instruments or not, how music would sound in the future and so on.

So what could I do? Well, I had to dig all good synth songs secretly at home of course. Because it was rather difficult not to give in to all great pop tunes that constantly were delivered by Depeche Mode, Human League, Soft Cell, Vince Clarke, Ultravox and others.

During the nineties this genre more or less disappeared from the main music channels. But a few bands continued to do their thing and could rejoice in the new century when the renaissance of this genre came. One of these bands is Arachnophobias, who let their style of playing form during the big synth wave in the first half of the eighties. And they have kept their style. It may sound a little more modern, maybe a bigger sound, but in all main aspects this is good synth pop with a real retro feeling.

Well, for newer listeners it’s about electropop with catchy, direct melodies, a somewhat mellow ambience and distanced vocals and a lot of old analogue synths.
Arachnophobias will release a new album before this year is over, a 14 track record with the name “By the Shape of My Eyes”, which will be available on
Arachnophobias’ site.

Here’s a taste of the album:

New Years Eve
Two Arms & Four Wheels

Listen more on their Myspace page


November 1, 2008 at 1:00 am

BlicqLet yourself be swept away by the dreamy tones from Blicq. It fits perfectly a cold and gray November day like this. On atmospheric, beautiful backgrounds a little harder industry beat breaks in. It’s down-tempo, laidback and Ylva’s seductive, somewhat jazzy vocals paint melodies that drag me into the songs.

Blicq is a duo that consists of Anders Ekman and Ylva. They started creating music together in 2003. Sofar they haven’t released an album, but new recordings are underway, aiming for a debut album.

Here you can listen to and download three of their songs. On you can continue to explore their music and download tracks. They also have a Myspace page you can visit.

Civil Pulse
No Way Back

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