ad dios – A Journey through Middle Earth

June 10, 2009 at 4:21 am

ad diosAlready in autumn, when I wrote about the electronica/ambient-duo ad dios, I could present a track from their upcoming album “A Journey through Middle Earth”. Now the album is here, and the journey is complete.

That they would create an album set in Tolkien’s landscapes doesn’t come as a complete surprise; the inspiration from celtic myths and ancient landscapes is there both in the stories from Middle Earth and in the works from ad dios. I do find, though, a little shift in style in this album compared to the others; this is much more focused on melodies than the ambient style. Like if the melodies carries some part of the story and not only describe the places.

Many of us have a special relation to this world of fantasy, and other composers have before created music with this theme. Here you can listen to a couple of tracks from ad dios’ version of Middle Earth.

On ad dios’ site you can find out more and listen to the album.


Natubella – TDG

May 7, 2009 at 4:18 pm

A while ago I wrote about Natubella and her new album, “Little Devil”. The album is now released and the song TDG is available here for free download. Also check out the video from the release gig, where they also play TDG. They call it electRocknica….


You’ll find Natubella on her site.

wHaT iF?

April 16, 2009 at 3:27 pm

Already in 1980 Pål and Conny laid up their plans for wHaT iF. These included Pål’s yet unborn daughter Linea, so obviously they had to wait a little :-) In 2005 the time was right and the band wHaT iF was born. The one who waits…

I’m now listening to their third album “The Final Meltdown”, a really enjoyable album. Playful and experimental, catchy melodies, varied and a with a nice ambience. Linnea’s voice and the experimentation reminds me sometimes of Björk, while the concept, the atmosphere and the radiovoices gives me a lot of Roger Waters vibes.

You can find the band on wHaT iF’s site, on Myspace and on Jamendo. On Jamendo you can download, not only this album, but all three albums.

Listen to and download three tracks from “The Final Meldown”:

Rainy Days
Dream of Peace
Running Over Fields


March 23, 2009 at 5:53 pm

I’m sitting here listening to nice ambient tones from Moist. To be exact, the EP “Alone”, a 7-track record with 4 original tracks and 3 interesting remixes from Addeboy vs Cliff, Håkan Lidbo and Red Snapper.

The Moist songs has a mellow, atmospheric feeling, where heavy bass beats step down and give depth to it all. At the same time this is good down-tempo pop with Maria Marcus’ somewhat distanced, souly voice in a perfect marriage with the ambience. Really good electronica which you can dive into and dream away with for a while.

Behind Moist you’ll find the songwriter and producer David Elfström Lilja, who, in various collaborations, creates this beautiful music under the name Moist. On Moist’s site you can listen more and also download the EP “I Am What I Am”. Recently a collaboration with Sophie Rimheden “Just Say You’re Sorry”, was released, which you can listen to and download.

Moist also has a Myspace page, where you can listen to the EP “Alone”. Here’s a video from the EP “I Am What I Am” and two tracks from “Alone”, which you can listen to and download:

I Am feat Íse (from I Am What I Am):

Not Alone
How Long


February 17, 2009 at 4:12 pm

HillnorMeet Fredrik Hillnor. He says his music consists of “various instruments joint together in small symphonies I record on my computer”. It’s instrumental electronica in a nice harmony with guitars and other instruments. He says he simply uses the instruments that comes his way and make him happy.

I feel rather comfortable walking around in Fredrik’s sound landscape, where different instrumental melodies ar interwoven into a whole. And it never gets boring, the music changes frequently as one instrument takes the lead from another, and I’m often fascinated how he brings it all together.

Judge for yourself by listening to some tracks below. To listen more, you can visit Hillnor on Myspace.

The Pt 10
Wood In the Hood

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