Drew Vision – “Without You”

December 9, 2016 at 6:06 pm

Drew Vision

Johan Hirvi from Panetoz also has a songwriting career going on outside the band, where he calls himself Sowlkid. A couple of years ago he found the american singer Drew Vision on the net and was caught by his voice. They got in contact with each other and eventually this led to a song collaboration. In April this year Johan went to New York and spent a couple of days with Drew in the studio and a few months later, in August, the singer came to Stockholm and recorded five new songs with five different teams.

“Without You” is the first taste of these sessions and it does feel like sweet mix of Swedish electropop vibes and american R&B and soul feelings. Drew’s vocals is really something special, a wonderful open voice which reminds me of John Legend and with a great soul tint. He released his debut album, “The Balance”, earlier this year, an album which has received surprisingly little attention, especially considering how good it is. Hopefully more people will discover Drew’s talents in this new collaboration, in a song which to me seems to have potential to conquer a wide audience. The song is written by Drew Vision, Lisa Desmond, Chris Wahle and Sowlkid.

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