Instrumental explorers – Per Störby Jutbring, Conny Olivetti and Interzone Inc

January 27, 2016 at 6:58 pm
Per Störby Jutbring

Per Störby Jutbring

Per Störby Jutbring – “Dance of the Diaper Fairy”

It’s easy to get impressed by Per Störby Jutbring’s versatility as a musician. I feel it’s almost easier to list what he’s not ventured into. In the autumn I wrote about his excellent film song “Tomorrow“, but here I’m going to present an album he released already last Spring, “Dance of the Diaper Fairy”.

He writes that it’s at the piano he feels most comfortable, and it shows on this album, which consists mostly of solo piano tracks. With a quite personal touch to the keys he’s created a beautiful and intimate session where he mixes minimalistic, melodic songs with free improvisation and also a few wonderful trio collaborations, where he’s joined by Johanna Dahl on cello and Malin My Wall on violin. Here are two examples:

Per Störby Jutbring on Facebook – on Spotify – on Apple Music


Conny Olivetti – “Klangwelt / 2016”

Even if the themes and music varies from album to album I do recognize the ambience in Conny Olivettis music. Here on the latest album “Klangwelt / 2016” in a dark, futuristic atmosphere where he lets voice samplings colour and comment upon the theme in question. This time, as I interpret it, it’s about the human rights and the real threats out there in our world.

Conny Olivetti’s site – on Bandcamp


Interzone Inc – “Stories”

And now to another creative electronic adventurer: Interzone Inc. Just before Christmas he released the album “Stories”, a quite enjoyable album where he mixes beat-driven tunes, which sometimes reminds me of old electronica heroes like Vangelis, with dreamy ambient soundscapes. Here are two tracks to taste:

Interzone Inc’s site – on Facebook – on Spotify – on Apple Music – on Bandcamp

Conny Olivetti – “eleVen”

November 24, 2014 at 7:22 pm

Conny Olivetti

It’s always fascinating to dive into Conny Olivetti’s electronic world. A month ago he released the double album “eleVen”, which is his eleventh one as the name implies. As with several others of his albums there’s a filmic vibe to this eventful electronica, a rather dark one with a noir feeling, which is further emphasized by the many sampled movie quotes in the songs. Three of the songs contain vocals by the singer Linnea, among them the starting track “Tara King”, a track which was present already on the last album but then in a bit shorter, instrumental version. Here are three of the songs:

Conny Olivetti’s site – on Facebook – on Bandcamp

Conny Olivetti – “Probing the Sonic Heritage”

October 31, 2013 at 11:54 am

Conny Olivetti

The productive Conny Olivetti released his tenth album “Probing the Sonic Heritage” this Summer, and like with earlier albums I wonder over the change of scenes from album to album, the creativity and the details. I guess the title refers to his sources of inspiration, but even if I can sense some of them and note a direct reference here and there, it’s Conny’s own soundscape I enter.

And this time it feels dark, from the suggestively mysterious to the ominous to the direct frightening as in songs like “Die Hüter des Gesetzes” and “Room 13”. The filmic feeling is even more prominent this time, like if the songs are small films in themselves, constantly in movement and changing, enhanced by new details and voice samplings. An album that demands some attention from the listener and which certainly deserves it.

Conny Olivetti’s site – on Facebookon Bandcamp

Conny Olivetti – “Ley Lines”

August 9, 2012 at 3:21 pm

Ley Lines

The productive Conny Olivetti, whom I have written about before, released the new album “Ley Lines” in May. And while that album was waiting for a post another album was released, “Lumino”, but I will come back to that in a later post.

As before I’m fascinated by Conny’s ability to move from different ambiences and themes, in time and space, from one album to another, and each time manage to create a wholeness. It’s also the case on this album, which for me more feels like an inner journey than a journey to another place or time. The title theme “Ley Lines” frames, with it’s six parts that start and end the album, 5 other songs.

Ley Lines feels a lot like retro electronica, somewhat minimalistic but yet with a lot of detail and shifting. The other songs feel suggestively dark and on three of the songs we can hear the vocals from Linnea, a singer Conny has collaborated with before in the band wHaT iF?. Fun is also the jungle adventure “Speed Dating in the Amazonas”, a song that brings up memories from Yello.

The albumet is available for free on Conny’s Bandcamp page. You can follow him on his site.


Conny Olivetti – “Stratagems”

July 27, 2011 at 2:25 pm

Conny OlivettiToday I’ll present some instrumental music of a different character than the other day. It’s about Conny Olivetti and his latest album “Stratagems”, an album divided into tracks but yet a whole as the songs blend into each other. It feels classic and reminds me of names like Eno and Fripp but also to some extent Roger Waters.

First of all it’s ambient music, which paints pictures in my mind as I sink into the sounds. Sampled voices guide me into the scenes from the theme, which is about war incidents. Conny describes it like this:

The theme for the album was initially to be around “international incidents, but was soon abandoned for a more loose connection to war incidents, past and present.

A strong album, which I will definitely listen to more times. The album is available on Conny Olivetti’s Bandcamp page, where you also can listen to his earlier albums. You can follow his work on his site. Here are two tracks from “Stratagems”:

International Incidents
Narrow-band Imaging

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