Psychadelic Wednesday with Black Light White Light, The Wands and The Janitors

September 24, 2014 at 3:41 pm
Black Light White Light

Black Light White Light

Black Light White Light – “High Like a Hurricane”/”Operators”

The Danish-Swedish trio Black Light White Light are on their way with a new album. It’s called “Gold Into Dreams” and will be released on October 6th. In Spring they showed the first taste of the album, “High Like a Hurricane”, and recently the second one, the single “Operators”. The sound is a bit harder and rawer now compared with the earlier songs, but I certainly still recognize their style which breathes of brit pop just as well as of psychadelia.

The Wands – “Sound of the Machine”

As I already have one foot in Denmark I might as well take the full leap over and present the Danish band The Wands. In November their debut album comes out, an album which has been preceeded by this excellent single, “Sound of the Machine”. With their nice fuzzy guitar they takes all the way back to sixties and the original psychadelia.

The Janitors – “Evil Doings of an Evil Kind” EP

The Janitors, hailing from Stockholm have just launched their new EP “Evil Doings of an Evil Kind”. Here we meet a much darker and harder psykadelia than the one from their colleagues above. It’s often hypnotic and monotone in a large echoing room which they fill with explosive noise rock and razor sharp melodies that cut through the massive guitars. The song themes go hand in hand with the music like for example with greed in “Greed” and the growing ultra right movements in Europe, which the band comments on in the song “Here They Come”.

Black Light White Light

April 28, 2010 at 9:36 am

Black Light White LightThe danish-swedish band Black Light White Light went to Göteborg this winter to record three songs with the producer Johan Forsman. These tracks are now available on the debut EP “Director’s Cut”, three tracks with psychadelia-inspired rock.

Listen to “Director’s Cut” on Black Light White Light’s Myspace page. Here is “Higher Than Low”:

Higher Than Low

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